A practical guide to Kitesurfing in Guadeloupe



In this article, I tell you about the different kitesurfing spots in Guadeloupe. From the best known to the wildest, I tell you the great classics, but also the little nuggets that are still secret!

Kitesurfing season in Guadeloupe: understanding the wind

In Guadeloupe, the windy season is from December to June. However, the best working months for kitesurfing are January, February and March. Expect relatively light wind, however. Take your 12 meters or your foil!

Most kitesurfing spots are on the south coast of Guadeloupe: Les Salines, Sainte-Anne, Bois Jolan, Saint-François… All these spots work very well in an easterly wind. However, sometimes the wind direction becomes North-East: in this case, it is better to fall back on Le Moule, La pointe de Châteaux, or take the opportunity to take a boat trip to Caret Island!


Guadeloupe kitesurf spot

The different kitesurfing spots in Guadeloupe
Bois Jolan, a paradise for beginners in Kite!
This Kitesurf spot is located on the South Coast of Guadeloupe. It, therefore, works very well in an easterly wind.

Bois Jolan is the perfect spot for kitesurfing beginners. You will find a large meadow where you can easily rig your kite gear, a reassuring beach where it is easy to take off and a huge spot with side wind: it is really perfect conditions for those who are not yet very comfortable in kite.


“Les salines”, a perfect spot for kite foil and wing foil!
Still, on the south coast of Guadeloupe, the Salines kite spot is one of the rare spots where you will find enough bottom to foil. A large flat area (shoal) also offers pleasant conditions for twintip, and allows for relatively flat areas despite the side wind. You will also find a beautiful wave spot there. In short, there really is something for everyone at Les Salines!

This kite spot in Guadeloupe is also relatively suitable for beginners, you just have to beware of trees when taking off: I noticed a few clashes! It works very well in an easterly wind, but as soon as it turns a little northerly, it is better to fall back on another spot.


Sainte-Anne: flat and palm trees

The Sainte-Anne spot also called Caravelle beach is located a stone’s throw from my Sportihome. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Guadeloupe: that of Club Med. In this small basin, you will find great flat conditions. Be careful though, take off is sporty: the beach is small, and the palm trees are deceitful.

It is also a very nice surf spot in Guadeloupe, the waves are really beautiful, with nice flat areas between.


Saint-François: the territory of wingfoils

In Saint-François you will find two spots: the Méridien spot and the other located right next to the fishing port. Most of the people here are wingfoilers!

Once again, we are on a kite spot in Guadeloupe that only works in easterly winds.

La pointe des châteaux: the most photogenic kitesurfing spot in Guadeloupe

In a north-easterly wind, the main spots on the south coast of Guadeloupe work poorly: the tip of the castles is a great fallback solution! This tiny basin will offer you great flat conditions. With its turquoise water, it is also one of the most photogenic kitesurfing spots in Guadeloupe. Be careful though, the rocks are numerous, and the navigation area is really very small.

Kitesurfing in Guadeloupe is awesome!

Guadeloupe, in addition to being an island of great beauty, is probably the island of the Caribbean which presents the best compromise in terms of board sports, in the broad sense (with Puerto Rico which unfortunately has the disadvantage of being under US jurisdiction (more expensive tickets and visa required)).

Indeed, Guadeloupe benefits both from the Caribbean trade winds, which blow from the end of November to the end of July, as well as from exposure to the swell that few other islands enjoy: magical kitesurfing spots in lagoons of crystal clear water too. although real waves, ice and tubular for those who want to send heavy.

When to go kitesurfing in Guadeloupe?

The best time to come kite is from late December to early March and in July my trade winds are established from early winter to mid-summer, with better years than others in spring.

The waves are consistent most of the year: the island recovers both wind swells throughout the trade winds season and northerly swells between December and February.
Grandiose cyclonic swells for surfing between August and November (but this period is strongly discouraged for kitesurfing!).


St François and Ste Anne

A small town with a charming port and a magnificent coast was selected because of its strategic location: the easternmost town of the island, it is the one that enjoys the best exposure to the trade winds (mainly east-facing). / south east or even north east).

Known for its turquoise waters, its magnificent lagoon and its local market, Ste Anne provides access in a few minutes to the Jolan wood spot, the most popular kite spot on the island and strategically located to allow access to the majority places of action in a minimum of time!

 The island offers many spots, from Gosier to the tip of the castles.

Autonomous and long-time riders will be able to opt for a kite cruise, those who prefer to stay on land or who are less resourceful will largely find what they are looking for with the variety of spots available on the island.

Le Moule for wave enthusiasts, St François for the perfect lagoon, Pointe des Châteaux for the unusual, Bois Jolan for the sociable, îlet Caret for the adventurous: there is something for everyone!

Beginners can learn about the many kitesurfing schools on site.

Waves for all levels

Guadeloupe is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for waves, it is a destination of choice whether you want to learn or practice surfing.

There is something for all types of practitioners and all tastes!

You can also opt for initiation or a surf course in parallel with your kite practice, or rent a board if you are already initiated.

The icing on the cake for experienced surfers: daytime travelling surf trips, moved by a local guide who will take you to the best spot of the day!