Kitesurfing in Malaga

Are you wondering how is to kitesurf in Malaga? You may have planned a vacation to Malaga and you are thinking of bringing your kites. In this case, we present you this guide about how kitesurfing conditions are in Malaga and what are the best spots to do kite in the area

Malaga, which is located a few kilometres from the mecca of wind sports in Europe (TARIFA), also has privileged conditions to practice this sport, although there is not the percentage of windy days that are enjoyed Tarifa. However, on those days when the knots rise, we can enjoy fantastic days, with the great climate that characterizes the Costa del Sol.

On the other hand, the cultural, gastronomic and leisure offers, make Malaga an idyllic place to practise Kitesurfing, as well as other water sports such as Windsurfing or Paddelsurfing.

If you plan to travel to Malaga and would like to take the opportunity to practice Kitesurfing, then keep reading, because you will find here the top kite spots in Malaga.

In Malaga, as in many other places in the Mediterranean, there are restrictions on kitesurfing during the summer months. We will tell you which are the Spots that can be legally used in the summer season, and those areas where the Malaga kiters enjoy in winter when the options multiply since the buoys for bathers are removed.

the ultimate gudie to kitesurf in Malaga

Malaga kitesurfing spots


Without further ado, let´s see what are the most famous kite spots in Malaga!

1. Malaga capital ( Guadalmar – Los Alamos Beach)

There is an official kite area of the capital of Malaga, located in Arraijanal, the only virgin beach that remains in the Capital of the Costa del Sol. The Spot is located in the urbanization of Guadalmar. The kitesurfing area is signposted and is not usually properly respected by bathers, who usually occupy the area reserved for the practice of this sport. There are 300 meters of beach for the exclusive use of nautical sports that go from the Chiringuito La Traviata to 300 meters towards Torremolinos, in front of the golf course area.

Sandy beach and small stones. Medium depth and generally pleasant temperature, especially in the summer months.

There is access to the kite spot in front of the Leroy Merlin and Decathlon.

It is actually a small legal area due to the airport issue. The regulated area is about 300m of narrow beach with bathers on both sides so you have to be very careful with bathers.

This Spot only works in the months of April to October, being very difficult to jump any thermal outside these dates. The most common hours in which the thermals work is between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. and it usually lasts until mid-afternoon. (From 15 to 20 knots)

Watch out for bathers because this is a new area. On a good day, there may be around 40 kites

It is a small area but everyone respects each other and when the wind comes.  It is actually a very good spot and the sea is very suitable for freestyle with little waves.


2. Rio Real Marbella Monteros

Los Monteros is for fans of flat waters in Levante, while offering wave lovers in Poniente in winter.

The beach is narrow and small, but enough to relaunch a kite. You have to be careful as it has a stone exit, it is wooded and there are hedgehogs on the rocks.

It works with Poniente and Levante but in summer only with Levante with SE

It is regulated for sailing in summer and is marked with entry and exit buoys. You have to exit windward as it is easy to end up in the swimming area and the entrance is made of stone

The location is the Pal Beach Restaurant

3. El Chaparral beach

El Chaparral, just off the main road east of ‘La Cala de Mijas’, is a rocky spot on both sides with a stone entrance. Malaga locals come here when the wind is from Poniente. It is a spot for more experienced people and not suitable for beginners. Waves form for surf kite and you have to be careful with the rocks since there is little depth and you have to know how you get in and talk to the locals since it is a very dangerous beach. It is for more experienced people and not suitable for beginners.

4. Cabopino

Frequented by surfers, windsurfers and paddle surfers. Larger waves tend to occur here than on the nearby beaches. The beach barely has 200 meters delimited by rocky breakwaters, one of which adjoins the marina. For this reason, extreme precautions must be taken because when faced with a problem you can end up at one or the other breakwater or even at the mouth of the port when it blows west.

The sand is fine and light brown. The beach is very shallow and without stones or rocks.

Cabopino is a nudist beach and only works in winter with good waves and strong wind. The conditions are for experienced people, in addition to the palm trees on the beach and the rocks make kites dangerous.

This kite spot is not regulated in summer

 5. Heaven

It is right at the Heaven beach bar.

It works with Poniente and Levante. You have to be careful at the entrance with the wave that forms at the entrance as it breaks quite strongly.

It is a beach that does not have many restaurant services.