A practical guide to kitesurf in Menorca


Are you thinking of travelling to Menorca and want to know about the wind and sailing conditions? Don’t worry, here we give you very useful information for your future kitesurfing holidays in Menorca.

Who has never dreamed of surfing on the beautiful beaches of the Balearic Islands? We want to talk about that today.

Menorca, despite not having much of a name in the fantastic world of kitesurfing, has impressive spots for practicing this great sport. Son Bou and Cala Tirant are undoubtedly the two best spots for kitesurfing in Menorca.

If you are one of the people who kitesurf all year round and you love the islands and beaches that characterize these areas, you have come to the right post. Because today we want to talk to you about Menorca, and about doing the sport that you like the most in its waves.

Where can I practise my favourite sport in Menorca?

It is a well-known and popular destination for lovers of water sports. We are going to specify where you have to make the stops to enjoy the best kitesurfing hours!


Kitesurfing season in Menorca



The best months to kitesurf in Menorca are the months of October and November, the season being from September to May. Summer is usually marked by the passage of anticyclones and they limit to mild thermal winds from the south at midday

Winter in Menorca is usually marked by storms that bring very strong N-NE winds (up to 50 knots). Cala Tirant is the reference spot.

Menorca kitesurfing spots

1. Son Bou

One of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca is Son Bou, it has 3 km in length, white sand and crystal clear water that is located in the south of the island. The waves come from the west and the conditions are perfect for surfing. It is a very popular beach in summer, so we advise you to go early to enjoy those special minutes.

Actually, Son Bou is one of the best spots in Menorca for kitesurfing. The beach is 3 kilometres long and quite wide, so you will have no problem launching and landing your kite. However, as we have remarked before, in summer it becomes somewhat impractical due to the presence of bathers and is usually ridden at the end of the beach.

It works very well with SE and W (Side-On) winds, the west usually enters strongly in spring, and makes Son Bou a perfect beach for Kitesurfing.

2. The Cala Tirant.

This is the quintessential place on the entire island;  a reddish sand beach that you have to visit once in your life. It is in the north of the island and has north winds and dreamy waves. Here you will find plenty of space for launching and landing as it is more spacious than the one we have mentioned before.

It is undoubtedly the best spot when the north wind blows (N). In winter it can come in quite strong until it reaches 40 or 50 knots. It is important that the wind is as north as possible because otherwise, we will find a very gusty wind that will make the day of Kitesurfing in Cala Tirant difficult.

After 20 knots of wind, the waves begin to rise and it is an ideal beach to surf

Kitesurfers usually launch from the west side of the beach. In summer it can be practiced without problems, as long as it is a windy day and you can go outside the beacon.

3. The Bay of Fornells.

It is the only spot in Menorca with flat water. Perfect to start with both twintip and hydrofoil or surfboard.

The best wind for kitesurfing in Fornells or Ses Salines is the NE or E. The other winds tend to be gusty. Although being similar to a lagoon it can be practised with any type of wind, even offshore to the east side of Fornells with the help of a rescue boat.

On this beach, we advise you to frequent it in winter because in summer it is full of sailboats and people passing through. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to go to Menorca in the coldest climates of the year and you will not regret it at any time.