The ultimate guide to kitesurfing in Obidos


Obidos lagoon is a famous place for kitesurfing in Portugal. It is 1h30 from Lisbon and 30 minutes from Peniche. It is a large water mirror with more than 6km in length, fed by fresh and saltwater. This is Portugal’s largest calm water lagoon and is perfect for beginners, freeriders, and wakestyle kiters

In fact, there are 2 main points in this lagoon accessible to beginners and experts alike.

1. The Estuary

This is the westernmost point of the lagoon. It is also possible for wave lovers to reach the ocean crossing the estuary. This kitesurf spot offers us a vast expanse of water with little depth. It is accessible outside the bathing season (from 15th September to 15th June), during the beach season, the place is closed to kite surfing. In addition to some fishermen, the spot is safe and offers us more than favourable conditions for kitesurfing. This site is accessible from “Praia do Bom Sucesso” (south of the lagoon) or from the beach of “Foz do Arelho” (north of the lagoon).

2.The interior of the lagoon:

Unlike the estuary, this location is accessible all year round. It offers us the possibility of sailing with all wind directions, even if the North/Northwest winds are clearly preferred. It’s an idyllic and safe place for beginners (be careful with a slightly narrow takeoff area) but also a good playground for experienced surfers. In this area of the lagoon, however, the wind is gustier than in the estuary spot, so don´t be surprised if your kite suddenly falls due to the wind change direction.

The lagoon is also known for its fauna (different species of fish and molluscs) and for its flora influenced by the shallow waters and the vegetation that surrounds it. There are several walking routes around the lagoon and every year a large-scale trail is organized.

You can find campsites, hotels and campervan parking lots around the lagoon. The Óbidos lagoon is not often mentioned in Portuguese tourist guides, but it is clearly worth a visit.

Portugal is certainly a perfect destination for kitesurfing in Europe. Most spots are accessible for everyone and safe. The climate is pleasant and the water is relatively good throughout the year, a small detail that completely changes a session in winter.

Kitesurfing season Obidos lagoon /best time to kite

The primary kiteasurfing season in Obidos runs from April to October. During the summer months the northern winds provide excellent conditions for kitesurfing daily, providing calm waters to surf

Obidos Lagoon kite spot

Lagoa de Óbidos offers the best conditions to learn kitesurfing in Portugal. This secret spot is located is just a short drive from Lisbon, Peniche, Baleal and Óbidos where, after kitesurfing lessons, you can unwind and relax, enjoying the evening to soak up the local culture.

Thanks to the effort of the local council to maintain the natural integrity of the landscape, this area not only remains clean and natural but also calm. The waters are not pineapple and there is plenty of space between which you can try to progress in kitesurfing. The tranquil waters are home to a variety of wildlife that can be enjoyed from a scenic route. South of the lagoon estuary, Bom Sucesso beach offers a wildlife route accompanied by spectacular panoramic scenery from the top of the cliffs.

The Óbidos Lagoon itself is home to consistent winds and waters as flat as butter; central conditions for kitesurfing. Excluding those from the south, all wind directions work in the lagoon; even those on the east are reinforced by the nearby mountains. The high-pressure system above the Azores brings an airflow from the northwest along the coast, while the low-pressure system over the Iberian Peninsula serves to reinforce it. When both systems coincide, they work hand in hand to turn a light breeze into a strong and consistent wind that blows parallel to the coast, without changing the direction.

kite spot obidos

Where to stay / where to take lessons in Obidos

Yet, Obidos is a very peaceful and quiet kitesurfing destination,  not so crowded as other kite spots. If you are new to the sport, it is a good choice to learn kitesurfing here. However, you may not find the same facilities as other kitesurfing destinations.

Because Obidos lagoon and especially the teaching area is a natural reservation, the kite schools in Obidos are not located right at the spot. Don´t try to find any restaurant or toilet area nearby either. If you like real and natural experiences, then Obdios is your spot. However, if you are one of those who need crystal water and luxury services you better find another destination

If you plan to kitesurf in Obidos and looking for accommodation, then Bom Successo neighbourhood is a good option to stay, because is accessible to the teaching area by walking. Furthermore, most of the kite schools in Obidos offer accommodation in their kite camps. Kite control and Kite Lodge are the primary kite schools in Obidos

In a nutshell…

Obidos kitesurfing lagoon is a terrific kitesurfing spot for whoever is up to learn kite. Surrounded by amazing landscapes and natural wildlife, this destination is probably the best spot to learn kite in Portugal due to the flat and shallow water and good wind conditions. For those kiters more advanced, the estuary is perfect for freestyle sessions. On the other hand, the interior of the lagoon (teaching area) is perfect for beginners. The teaching area, however, although is perfect for beginners is not the best spot for advanced riders due to the gusty wind.