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Are you one of those European kiters looking for your next kitesurfing holidays near home? Let us tell you that in Europe, there are many kite spots to enjoy kitesurfing to the fullest, especially on the Mediterranean sea. That is why we have created a list with the top kitesurfing spots in Europe!


The ultimate guide with the top kite spots in Europe


Well, there are a lot of kite locations in Europe, and all of them are perfect destinations for a kitesurfing holiday, especially if you don´t want to travel very far to kite. The best kite spots in Europe are located around the mediterranean sea and in the Canary Islands, with hot weather and super good wind. However, you can also find some terrific kite spots North in Europe, like in Denmark.

Without further ado, let´s see what the number one kiteboarding spots in Europe are!


List of the best places to kite in Europe


In this list, you will find terrific locations to kite in Europe! We hope you like 🙂


1. Sicily (Italy)

 Sicily is located in the south of Italy, and it is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, a perfect place for a kitesurfing trip. This island is considered one of the most valued tourist destinations in Europe. The best location to kite in Sicily is on the west coast of the island between Trapani and Marsala, which has recently become one of the most sought after places thanks to the wind and the sailing conditions that occur.

The spot is known as Lo Stagnone, a massive lagoon with more than 300 days a year with good wind. Besides, the proximity to Africa makes it a place with relatively warm temperatures that encourage everybody to enjoy this amazing sport throughout the year. The wind direction is usually side / onshore, and as we have indicated before, there is good wind most of the year, which makes it the right destination any time of year. The closest and cheapest airport is Palermo, the journey time from any part of northern Europe is around 5h, and the price of the flight should not be more than € 300 round trip. Due to the great weather and kitesurfing conditions, Sicily is ranked as one of the top kite destinations in Europe. Therefore it is also OUR TOP PICK.

 2. The Guincho (Portugal)

 El Guincho is a spot located very close to Lisbon, at the mouth of the Tagus River. This kite spot is one of the best places to kite in Europe. It is a beach exposed to the northwest wind, and as a Portuguese beach it is, waves of 1-2 meters are formed frequently. The Guincho beach is respected for being surrounded by rocks; however, it is a wide beach where you can easily maneuver. The spot is easily accessible and well known to windsurfers. The best months to kite in The Guincho are July and August, but there is wind from May to October. The wind is usually side-shore, and the best direction to kite in this spot is onshore. In the Guincho, when it is sunny, there is awesome wind and creates the perfect conditions for a kitesurfing trip in Europe. The closest airport is Lisbon, and if we do not want to go by car, flights would be around € 60 round trip with low-cost companies like Ryanair or Easyjet


Canary islands, probably the best kitesurfing destination in Europe


3. Fuerteventura (Spain)


Fuerteventura is one of the most known kitesurfing destinations in Europe due to the excellent weather and strong winds. Furthermore, Fuerteventura holds a wide variety of kite spots, from terrific wave spots to butter flat water spots. That makes this island a paradise to kite in Europe.

Down here you can find what the best kite spots in Fuerteventura are

Sotavento Beach (fuerteventura)

Located southeast of Fuerteventura, near Costa Calma you can find the wonderful Sotavento beach. It has a large space suitable for kitesurfing regardless of your level of experience. The force of the wind, as well as the extensive hotel and commercial infrastructure around Sotavento beach, make it one of the favourite destinations for all kitesurf lovers. The most constant winds take place in the spring and summer seasons, which has propelled Sotavento beach to be the site chosen every year to hold the world championship of windsurfing and kitesurfing.


El Burro Beach (fuerteventura)

 In the northeast of Fuerteventura, there is the El Burro kitesurf spot. Its best time is summer when the trade winds act stronger and steadily. It has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. However, its waves are for experienced kiters, except for the beach area reserved for their learning; Its waves are short, which favours kitesurfing lovers lot. This beach has less general infrastructure than Playa de Sotavento, but it can be easily reached and has parking spaces close to it.

 Flag Beach of Corralejo (fuerteventura)

 Also located in the northeast of Fuerteventura, it faces the Isla de Lobos, the Flag Beach. This place is perfect for kitesurfing at all levels, from beginners to experts. Furthermore, the waves break in different places and in various directions which gives athletes great versatility. This beach offers an excellent tourist infrastructure specialized in the sale and rental of kite equipment.
Gran Canaria (Spain), particularly the southeast and south of the island, is ideal for kitesurfing due to the force of the wind at any time of the year. Like Lanzarote, which also offers perfect weather conditions throughout the year. And it is that this sport, like windsurfing, needs waves and winds of three to eight knots on the Beaufort scale to be able to enjoy it fully.


In general, the canary islands probably hold the best kite spots in Europe.


4. Tarragona (Spain)


Tarragona is located on the Mediterranean sea, and although it is not a very famous kite destination in Europe, there are many exciting kite spots. In spring and summer, Tarragona coast becomes a primary kite destination, especially for these kiters living near Barcelona.


L’Ampolla Beach._ The town of L’Ampolla beach is not “the spot”, but it is an excellent spot. You can sail with the garbí wind, which comes from the south; and with mistral wind, in gusts that come from the north and raise high and short waves. It is a very safe spot, surrounded by the Delta.

 Riumar Beach._ Semi-urban beach in the municipality of Deltebre, 2.5 km long and with fine sand, it is excellent for kitesurfing with the mistral wind (N) in autumn, winter and spring. Keep in mind that it is a strong and gusting wind that churns the waters. Ideal for medium and advanced kitesurfers.

 Trabucador Beach._ In the district of San Carlos de la Rapita. Beach 2 in 1, has two faces, the very rough so that you can choose shore. Shallow (shallow), calm water, without large waves or complications. With an N / W or S / W wind you will have smooth water in the bay area (that is, the part of the shore that ‘looks’ towards our Iberian peninsula). Then, from May to September, the winds from the south are constant (the thermal of the S / E and the garbí of the S) that also give flat waters. It is, therefore, a windy but waveless beach, perfect for beginners and freestyle.
There are many hidden kite spots in Europe located in Tarragona! You should give a chance to these incredible kite spots!


5. Murcia: La Manga del Mar Menor (Spain)


The Mar Menor is a warm sea that allows kitesurfing practically all year round (except in winter, when there is little wind). An ideal place to learn and progress, with guaranteed quality winds and safe and shallow waters, without waves (flat water). In Murcia, you can find some of the best and less crowded kite locations in Europe. Down here, you can see some of them:

 Los Molinos._ Beach in the town of San Pedro del Pinatar, in the northern part of the Mar Menor. Beach with excellent east winds that give very flat water, ideal for freestyle. It can also be the perfect spot for racing if the east wind is somewhat disturbed because the orientation is ideal for speed and we always stay close to land.


Los Narejos._ Urban beach in the town of Los Alcázares. The thermal winds from the south (the milk from S – S / O) are going, which come to us in the form of a side wind. It has a choppy, highly recommended for FreeWave and freeride.


Isla del Ciervo._ beach located south of La Manga del Mar Menor, in Cartagena. A protected area, it is a spot so appreciated by boaters that kitesurfing and other water sports have been allowed. It is navigable with the thermal winds from the south (again the milk), which shows its head in the spring and autumn months. Oh, and calm, you will not drown in its waters: it is a very shallow beach where you can get away from the shore without fear. For this reason, it is excellent for beginners.


Los Nietos._ Also south of La Manga, in Cartagena. Somewhat neglected beach, with mud, dirt and many stones. It is a ‘rather ugly’ beach, but of excellent inland beauty, highly appreciated by fishermen and kitesurfers. Excellent navigation with east winds (N / E and S / E) that push towards the coast (onshore). It is a beach with no waves and shallow water, ideal for beginners and practising freestyle tricks.


Calblanque._ Although it is no longer Mar Menor, it is very close to the beginning of La Manga, in the Calblanque Natural Park. It is a beautiful natural space, so protected that it is ‘almost virgin’. The landscape of golden sands, dark rocks and transparent waters. A paradise to be respected, so no, don’t take the fucking apple! (This translates into: be clean, careful and collect your garbage). In addition to being a beautiful space, it is ideal for navigation, both west (O) and east (E). With the west, the conditions are suitable for freestyle jumps, while the east gives us incredible waves to surf.


6. Almeria (Spain)


We want to let you know that Almería has an excellent coast – the best after Tarifa, hey, we don’t want to hurt sensibilities – for practising wind sports. A treasure for boaters.

 The main kite spot in Ameria is called “Los Genoveses” This beach is located in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. It happens as with the Calblanque beach, which is a virgin and paradisiacal area. The beach is vast, but whenever your kite on the Cape beaches, do it with caution. You can sail with the east wind and with winds from the north. If you like waves, Almeria is a destination that will suit you!


7. Ringkøbing Fjord, Denmark


Do you want to try new waters, literally? Try kitesurfing in the North Sea! Another perfect place for water sports is the Ringkøbing Fjord, a lagoon located on the west coast of Denmark. Connect with nature; focus on catching your wave. The safe environment of Ringkøbing Fjord will allow you to enjoy the excitement and gratification of your movements.


8. Carrapateira, Portugal


The two essential elements of kitesurfing, the strong wind and the water, are always present in Carrapateira (Portugal). Get ready to put all your skills into practice as you ride those mighty Atlantic waves that not everyone is capable of dealing with. Surrounded by cliffs, this hidden gem is a challenge for kitesurfers and surfers, but it is a fantastic place and, without a doubt, it is a place where you will make new friends. It is a famous place for adventure seekers.


9. Tarifa (Spain)

Tarifa is the mecca of kitesurfing in Europe. Among all the kite spots in Europe, Tarifa is the most famous one.


Tarifa is a paradise for kitesurfing, but sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the best spot. We know very well that in Tarifa there is always wind and that it is very likely that you can kite surf somewhere. But this is where the problems start, as people often complain that the current in Tarifa is very strong or gusting. But that’s because they don’t have the map of the paradise spots. We are going to give you the key about the kitesurfing spots in Tarifa for each type of wind.


There are two main wind directions in Tarifa. On the one hand, Levante (from the east, warm and robust and gusty) and on the other hand, Poniente (from the sea, colder and more stable). They say that there are as many Poniente days as there are Levante days, but the truth is that Tarifa surprises us every year and this is what we like. We will detail the best spots for each wind:


 On the days the Poniente blows you can kitesurf wherever you want. The superb beach of Tarifa Los Lances works very well, as long as we are not in the high summer season, which prohibits kitesurfing by bathers. But you can go to Valdevaqueros. The west wind is onshore, it takes you ashore, so it is relatively safe and you can hit the kite without problems. The Rio Jara lagoon between Tarifa and Valdevaqueros also works great in the days of Poniente. Just remember that technically kitesurfing is not allowed there, but … there are always people kitesurfing.



 This is when things get complicated since this wind is usually powerful and is offshore, that is, it takes you out to sea and scares most beginners. But don’t worry, some places work very well for both beginners and pros in the Levante days. Let’s go there:

 Valdevaqueros. The most typical place that “always” works. It is located a few kilometres west of the city of Tarifa, and the wind is mainly side-shore, which enters from the side, parallel to the beach, even if in Tarifa it is offshore. It is a lovely area due to its large sand dune, and you can find good burgers and beer at the beach bars. Many beginners and schools come here.

Palmones. If Levante is too strong in Tarifa (30-50 knots), there is a place in Algeciras that will have the perfect wind. Palmones. Here is a beach with waves and a lagoon with flat water (which will probably be full of professionals with high tide and good wind). But in the sea, there is a lot of space.

Canos de Meca. If the direction of Levante is terrible, that even in Valdevaqueros the offshore wind enters with mega gusts, the best option will be to go to Caños. It is almost in Cádiz, so you have to drive until you get there. This place is in the lighthouse where the Battle of Trafalgar took place.

Spa. It is the spot in Tarifa, on the right side of the island. In the first days of Levante, it is incredible to jump high and navigate at full speed. Here there will also be great waves to fully enjoy. This place is not for beginners or intermediate kitesurfers on Levante days, as the wind is entirely offshore and you will end up in the middle of the Atlantic if you make a mistake. 


We cannot say that there is a kitesurf destination in Europe better than the others, because all of these spots leave any kite lover breathless. There are numerous and varied kite spots all over Europe, and we recommend that you visit them all. (if time permits). Which kite destination in Europe is the one you have enjoyed the most? We would be glad to hear about your thoughts