Kitesurfing in Cuba

When you love kiting, Cayo Coco, in the north of Cuba, is a paradise on earth with spots worthy of postcards against a background of white sand and turquoise water. Located on the Atlantic side, connected to the big island of Cuba by a dike of about fifty kilometers, the island of Cayo Coco has longer and more magnificent beaches than the others.

 From Havana, it takes 7 hours by road and 600 euros round trip to reach Cayo Coco. With over 100 km of beaches in Cayos, many still pristine, there is something to dream of a kite vacation. The landscapes are green, with vegetation on almost the whole of the island, thus sheltering a population of pink flamingos and more than 200 species of birds; all in a very peaceful atmosphere. In Cuba, the generally northeast wind, blows from October to June, between 10 and 20 knots; it gets stronger in the afternoons. The lagoons offer magnificent flat bodies of water, with shallow areas; sometimes small waves in strong winds.

 Autonomous kitesurfers discover a fabulous playground, if only with the small island opposite the kite school, 700 m away. The temperatures are mild, 24 degrees average for water and air, you can sail in board shorts, but we recommend a shorty to enjoy long and beautiful sessions without being cold.


What are the best kitesurf spots on the island of Cuba?

The best kitesurf spot on the island of Cuba is Cayo Coco in the north of the island.


What is the best period for a kitesurfing trip on the island of Cuba?

The best time to come and enjoy a kitesurf stay in Cuba is between October and June. But the period can also be very nice between July and August.


What are the temperatures during the kitesurfing season in Cuba?

Little variation in temperature during the kitesurfing season in Cuba, with an average of 24 degrees for water and air. Ideal conditions for sailing in boardshorts.


What is the level required for a kitesurf stay in Cayo Coco on the island of Cuba?

Lagoons, long white sandy beaches, waves, all types of navigation are possible at Cayo Coco on the island of Cuba. Beginners as experts find the best conditions to navigate and progress in kitesurfing.


Another great kitesurfing spots in Cuba


Eastern Beaches (Guanabo)

There are three Spots, one in the Hotel La Tarrazas (Santa Maria del Mar), one in the shopping center and one at the Guanabo exit to the west.

The best spot is the hotel Las Terrazas (Santa Maria), it is very lively and the beach is large, although with people, the one in the shopping center is full of stones, people and palm trees and the one in western Guanabo is really bad, very narrow and many stones and rocks, the only advantage is that having a reef at 500 meters is a water pool plate


There are quite a few spots, although the two most visited are, one on the street and 54, not a bit off-shore, and the other next to the southern highway, reach the roundabout of the last hotel, go back a few meters and the first entrance on our right, this is the best pool, large beach, no people and well oriented for prevailing winds. If the wind is from the south on 34th Street there is a spot


Cayo Brujas

At the moment and due to the works of 10,000 hotel beds, all accesses to the beaches are closed due to works (this is where the hotels go)


Cayo Guillermo


This Cayo is the jewel in the crown, magnificent 5-star pool, white sand, palm trees, almost plate and / or plate water.

Here you can browse different spots depending on whether we are staying in one of the magnificent and expensive hotels or we are somewhere cheaper.


The best Spot is from the Hotel Vila Cojimar (if we are not staying at it, we can also use it, entering through the side door of the employees, to access this door, past the marina (Port) we will take the first road on the right and we will go to the bottom, there on the left is the employee door)

We can also go to the Bowling Spot, although we will have to walk 5 minutes.

 The best spot outside the hotels is the Macumba Restaurant (beach bar) we will leave the car to touch the sand, the beach is not very big but there are no people and there is a sand barrier on days of not much wind we will enjoy a water almost plate.

 Finally, the Pilar beach, almost at the end of the road, is one of the most beautiful places in Cuba, and from where to make a donwind to the Cojimar hotel on northern days.

 Kitesurfing in Cayo Guillermo, another great kite spot in Cuba


Kite surf lover? In Cayo Guillermo the perfect breeze awaits you

Sol Cayo Guillermo. Kite surf

In the distance in the sea we can see an infinity of colors, some that move in the sky and others that slide over the sea …


It’s a bird! It’s a boat! … No, it’s a kite surfer!


Kite surfing or kite surfing is a sliding sport that consists of the use of a traction kite that allows you to slide on the water using a board or ski. Various modalities can be practiced; jumps and maneuvers (freestyle), regattas between buoys (race) and wave surfing. With its warm temperatures and turquoise blue beaches, Cuba has become an increasingly popular destination for this type of sports.


The Sol Cayo Guillermo, All Inclusive Four Star Resort is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Jardines del Rey archipelago, very close to Playa Pilar and close to one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, it stands out for its abundant vegetation , its fun entertainment program and comfortable rooms in tropical-style bungalows.


For beginners as well as for the more experienced ones or for those who like to enjoy a show or show their skills, this hotel, located in Cayo Guillermo, is the ideal setting to practice all kinds of water sports. With excellent natural conditions and suitable air currents for the modality, the resort also offers training and learning courses in this high-risk sport.