Kite spots where to kitesurf in September



Thinking of kitesurfing in September? Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is about to end and you can’t wait to jump into the water before it gets cold. Therefore, we bring you this guide with some of the best kitesurfing spots in the month of September! Hope you enjoy it!

5 awesome kitesurfing spots in September


1. In September, let´s make a kite cruise to the Red Sea!

The Red Sea is already famous for the unrivalled conditions it offers for kitesurfing along much of its coastline. The Red Sea Kite Cruise is an experience that goes beyond. It is not only the best way to enjoy the most spectacular sailing conditions, it is also to spend a week on a boat looking for the spots and enjoying an experience as unique as it is unforgettable.

The ship departs on Saturday afternoon and returns the following Saturday so the trip has to be at least Saturday to Saturday. The trip can be extended by staying in hotels to continue sailing or with extensions to Cairo, Luxor and other points of cultural interest.

It can be booked by places or even the entire boat if it is a large enough group.


where to kitesurf september

2. In September, let´s discover Mauritius island

September is one of the best months to kitesurf in Mauritius. The winds are then strong and the waves can be powerful, especially on the side of Le Morne which experiences nearly 300 windy days per year.
If you are a beginner and want to take a trip to Mauritius to get started, know that the trade winds are present almost all year round and that you can therefore leave at any time, avoiding the season. cyclones from December to March.

The most famous kitesurfing spot in Mauritius is Le Morne. It is also the place where the wind blows best in Mauritius, due to the mountain of Le Morne which creates a venturi effect. So this is where you will have the most wind.

Open your eyes, many champions are training here! It’s an amazing place for wave lovers. The best known is “One Eye”, a fast and very committed reef wave: no room for mistakes!
But there are also other waves that are much more accessible: “Manawa” and its huge and slow water hills, “Little Reef” to discover the sensations of the waves and gain ease in strapless.

You can also learn kitesurfing in Mauritius, in one of the many schools in the lagoon: but honestly, it’s a bit like the factory! If you can, prefer the “Son of Kite” school which takes the students by boat to a somewhat quieter location. JC, the manager, is a serious and talented instructor. You will thus have a good progression.

What level to practice kitesurfing in Mauritius?
Good news, you don’t have to be an expert to offer yourself a kitesurfing holiday in Mauritius! Moreover, the island is one of the best places on the planet to learn this sport in complete safety. You will simply have to choose your spots with care, in particular by favouring the West coast with accessible spots such as Flic en Flac. Conversely, if you are an expert in kitesurfing, prefer to stay on the North Coast. Cap Malheureux and Trou aux Biches each year attract hundreds of seasoned kitesurfers who come to rub shoulders with the powerful waves. Let´s have some fun in Mauritius in September!

3. September, what about kitesurfing in the dessert?

Dakhla has changed a lot in recent years with the arrival of kitesurfing. The lagoon has grown, Kite camps have been built all over the place … But there are still wild and unspoiled places! Here is an article detailing the different spots in Dakhla as well as their advantages.

We are sure you don’t know them all, so what about kitesurfing here in September?

 The speed spot: the most beautiful flat spot in Dakhla
No need to present this Kitesurf spot which made Dakhla’s reputation. This is the best place to work new mooves in Dakhla! At low tide, the speed spot is the must-see place in Dakhla. It’s rare to find such a flat place.

Be careful, at high tide! You absolutely have to go there at low tide.

Lassarga: a beautiful wave kite spot in Dakhla
Did you know that there are also some great wave kite spots in Dakhla? Meet at the small fishing village of Lassarga, ocean side, for a nice side-off session!

To get there, if you are staying on the Dakhla Lagoon, it takes about 30 minutes by car.

If you love waves, there is also another magnificent wave kitesurfing spot: Oum Labouir.

Lassarga kitesurf dakhla

This Kitesurf spot is located at the Dakhla lagoon, but on the ocean side. To get there, nothing beats a good old tractor. The sand is very soft and we quickly got stuck! The waves are generally quite big there, you need to have a good level to get in the water.

La White Dune, try the big kite jump!
The White Dune is an increasingly coveted kite spot in Dakhla. With its flat area downwind of the dune, it is a beautiful playground! Accessible only at high tide, the big game is to jump from the top of the dune…. without being characterized on landing!

So, are you going in September?

4-September, kitesurfing in Essaouira, another moroccan awesome spot

September is a great month to Kitsurf in Essaouira! Here you have some interesting kite spots in Essaouira where to enjoy in September:

Dyabet, the beach for beginners

Dyabet is the beach just after the one where Ocean Vagabond is located. It is also called “the second beach”. It is only accessible by 4 × 4. The wind is more regular there than in Essaouira, and there are generally not many people. Sometimes a few schools go there because the waves are smaller. This is the ideal place to get back into the “bath” of the kite gently.

Sidi Kaouki, to take full eyes
Located 30km south of Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki beach is known for its beauty. If you have the chance, do a Downwind to this unspoiled spot!

The “Secret Spot”, kitesurfing away from the crowds
There always has to be a “Secret Spot”. I can guarantee you that this secret is well kept: I was the only one on the water to kitesurf! Sorry I am not allowed to give you the GPS coordinates, you will have to come to KiteSurf Maroc to try it!

This small fishing village located north of Essaouira will charm you: small colorful boats, wild donkeys, makeshift huts. The spot is really nice for beginners: regular wind, small waves for your first surfs, large bay.


5. September in Tarifa, the Mecca of Kitesurfing in Europe

In September the wind is a constant in Tarifa. Tarifa is one of the meccas in Europe, and outside of it. People of all nationalities and ages gather here. Veterans who were pioneers when jumping into the water on a board several decades ago, when these sports were still quite unknown in Spain, and curious that they are now beginning. Germans and Danes, Cadiz, the least, perhaps, Madrid and Americans, Austrians.

If you want to kitesurfing in Septemer among a solid kitesurfing community, then Tarifa is the place to be!


We hope, you like our proposed list with some of the best kite spots in September! However, a part from the above spots, there are other many interesting kitesurfing destinations in September, like Sri Lanka, Sicily or Portugal. Let´s jump into the water in September!