A practical guide to Kitesurfing in Koh Phangan 

A practical guide to kitesurfing in Koh Phangan


 If you are looking for an amazing kite spot in Thailand with shallow turquoise water and stable winds, than Koh Phangan is the place for you. 

Koh Phangan is a medium-sized island in the Gulf of Thailand which is mostly known for its full moon party and huge yoga spiritual community. It’s kind off the Ibiza from Thailand and has something to offer for everyone. On the South Coast of the Island in Bantai you will find KITEFLIP kite & wakeboard centre.  https://www.kiteflip.com/ They have a kite school right on the beach and offer kite rental and kitesurf lessons from IKO-certified instructors. They have a nice setup with a kite shop, storage room, chill-out area, bar etc.. 

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the best kitesurfing vibes in koh phangan

The kite spot is a huge lagoon with flat waist-deep water and winds ranging 12-25 knots. This is ideal for beginners to make their first steps into the kiteboarding world. Also, experienced kiteboarders will enjoy these spots mainly because it’s totally not crowded. KITEFLIP is the only school in a 3-kilometre area so you never have more than a handful of kiters on the water.

kite flip is the best place to learn kitesurfing in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan kitesurfing season


When to kitesurf on Koh Phangan? There are two seasons at this spot. The best season is the high season which starts in January and last until begin April. The winds are stable and continues through the day with an average of 70% windy days in the season and every day is nice and sunny. The wind ranges between 12 and 18 knots.

The second season starts in July and lasts until begin October. Tis time the winds are less stable and come with the clouds. This is also monsoon season so expect some rainfall here and there. You can expect an average of 40-50% windy days with wind speeds between 12 and 25 knots. It’s not windy all day long but if you are motivated you can catch a nice session often.

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The temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius all year around so you can kite in your board shorts or bikini. The choice of food on Koh Phangan is endless and delicious. You can find a nice mix between yummy Thai food and familiar western cuisine. Basically, you can eat every dish you can think off from back home and more. Also, accommodation is fairly cheap with many choices of bungalows with western standards. In combination with the high speed internet everywhere it is chosen as the number one destination for digital nomads.

All these reasons make Koh Phangan a favorite destination to visit and kitesurf.

In case you want to learn more about kitesurfing in Thailand you can check out this guide: https://www.kiteflip.com/learn-kitesurfing-in-thailand-the-complete-guide/