Did you know that February is a very good month for a kitesurfing holiday? Little by little, you all have to admit that the peaceful Christmas season is over. We left behind a very happy moments with family and friends but now we are thinking only about kitesurfing. And that´s because we simply love kitesurfing. What is better than escaping from the cold winter and travelling to a hot kite destination?

Are you planning a kitesurf vacation during the month of February? Prepare all your kitesurf equipment to escape the cold and be ready for an unforgettable kitesurf trip. February is a month where you can kite in many places and most of them are exotic places, with many coconuts around and white sand. Are you wondering where to kite in February? In Kiteadvice we indicate which are the spots where you can kite in February.


Kitesurfing destinations where to kite in February


Langebaan, Shark Bay

 Langebaan is a top kitesurfing destination in Febrary. Shark Bay in Langebaan, South Africa is located very near to the West Coast National Park and not very far from Cape Town (1.5 hour trip).  It is a very suitable kitesurfing spot for beginners and one of the best places where you can kitesurf in February!


Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

 The winter season in Sri Lanka is near to end, the last chance to kite in Kalpitiya is now in February. In March the winds will begin to change. February is a good month for a kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka and you won´t be disappointed. Perfect wind conditions and super good weather will welcome you on the water.


Boracay Island, Philippines

 Boracay is another of the most famous kitesurfing destinations during the month of February. It is a small island in the Philippines but it is but it is a very famous destination all over the world. Boracay has received several awards from travel agencies as it has the most beautiful beaches in Asia. 


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 Dubai is a legendary city with the tallest buildings and the most beautiful hotels. It is true that Dubai is not a kitesurfing destination but it deserves to be on this list. While it is true that the wind statistics in Dubai are not the best, it is a kite destination in February to consider. Dubai’s beaches are very suitable for kitesurfing, and February is the perfect time to go kitesurfing there, as it’s not too hot in the city this month


Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a Vietnamese seaside town popular with tourists. The city has two beaches suitable for kitesurfing: Ganh Beach and Suoi Nuoc Beach. Mui Ne it is not a expensive kitesurfing destination! You can find a place (in this case, a shared room) for as little as $ 2 a night. February is also one of the best months to kite there: warm and with reliable wind


Fehmarn Gold, Germany

 Fehmarn, Germany is not the warmest place in February (quite cold there actually), however this island is popular with tourists for its perfect surf conditions, gently sloping shorelines, wide sandy beaches, cliffs steep and fresh water. The place has its own surfing event, KiteSurf-Trophy, and is good for both beginners and professionals.


 Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is mainly known as one of the world’s most popular wind sports destinations (the wind is exceptionally good there thanks to the Venturi effect possible due to Gibraltar channel. February is a month where the wind usually blows a lot in Tarifa and a destination to take into account as one of the best spots where to kitesurf in February


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

 Playa del Carmen is a top spot to kite in February. In 1995, only 17,000 people lived there, and now the city is growing rapidly to meet the demands of visitors (new hotels are being built, for example, and new sports facilities are being built). The place is good for water skiing, snorkeling, diving, horse riding, sailing, kite surfing, and kiteboarding.


Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Welcome to the Dominican Republic! Welcome to Cabarete! The weather conditions are excellent in February! 


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