Kite schools in Lo Stagnone – Sicily



In Sicily, you can practice kitesurfing in many parts of the island, mainly on the west coast. In Sicily, you will find beaches of fine sand, as well as areas with a fair wind, wide spaces and sand on the west coast, the most windswept.  Actually, this island is a destination where you can learn kite from the ground.  Furthermore, you will find many options of kite schools in Sicily

The best places to practice kitesurfing in Sicily are on the west coast, Agrigento, its beach, as well as Scala Dei Turchi, Marsala, Porto Empedocle, are spots in which environment you can enjoy this sport, kitesurfing.



List of Kitesurfing schools in Lo Stagnone – Sicily



The best spot to learn kite in Sicily is Lo Stagnone. Here you have a list with some of these kitesurfing schools where you can learn kite in this terrific flatwater kite spot: