The ultimate guide with the best spots where to kitesurf in August



Are you wondering where to kitesurf in August? You’ve been waiting all year for your well-deserved summer vacation, right? If you are a real kitesurfing lover, the last thing you want in life is to spend your well-deserved month of August lying on the couch. For this reason, we present you a guide with some of the best spots for kitesurfing in August.

best kite spots in august

1. In August, go explore Madagascar!

Go kitesurfing in Madagascar in August!

Kitesurf spots: a beautiful lagoon, a kitesurf school and a small wave spot.

In this lagoon known to be one of the most beautiful in the world, you will also find a small wave spot. If you want to learn kitesurfing, you’ve come to the right place! Learning takes place in turquoise water where you can have your feet everywhere, and there is even jetski assistance if needed.

You will also find a wave spot at Fort Dauphin!

Additional activities: snorkeling, walks and road trip!

The island of Madagascar is sublime: go exploring! Go see the alley of the Baobabs in Morondave and go hiking in the famous Tsingy.

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 90% of the time in August in the northern part of Madagascar. Be careful, it can be very strong during this period.
The windy season begins in the southern part: the wind will be lighter there than in the northern part. Now is the time to go play in the waves of Fort Dauphin and Anakao.

2. In August, direction Brazil

Go kitesurfing in Brazil in August.

Kitesurf spots: small waves, super flat, many schools.
Brazil is THE kitesurfing destination: there are a considerable number of spots and there is something for everyone: wave, flat, schools …

Additional activities: horse riding, yoga, hiking in the Lençois.
You can easily find yoga classes and horseback riding all over the place. To the north, in Atins, you can go hiking in the Lençois. You can also take a flight and explore the Amazon, or hike the Chapada Diamantina.

Sailing conditions: It’s the start of the season. You will have wind 80% of the time in August. Sailing in a swimsuit!

3. In August, learn kitesurfing in France!

Take advantage of sunny days to practice kitesurfing in France.

Head south, and the famous Giens peninsula, to learn or improve kitesurfing in Hyères. 
The lessons take place in open water, away from the crowds.
You can learn to kitesurf there, but also foiling.
Additional activities: yoga, wakeboarding

In the north now, just 2 hours from Paris, and 20 minutes from Caen, you will find the Kite-R kitesurfing school in Merville Franceville.

You will be able to learn to kitesurf, but also the foil, and the wing.
Additional activities: paddle, wakeboard.

You can also go to Serre-Ponçon lake, in the Aples du Sud region. With super regular thermal wind, you will find good sailing conditions almost every day. Foil paradise is also an excellent spot to learn about this practice.

4. In August, go to Mauritius

Go kitesurfing in Mauritius in August.

Kitesurf spots: waves of world reputation, beautiful lagoons to learn in school.

Many champions train on the famous Le Morne waves. Otherwise, the island offers many spots and many schools to learn kitesurfing in the lagoon.

Additional activities: hiking, diving, paddleboarding, kayaking.

Mauritius offers a considerable number of hikes which are frankly magnificent! You can also do beautiful shark dives in the North. Finally, with my good accommodation plan, paddle and kayak excursions are yours!

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 2/3 of the time in August. Take a good shorty to see a complete one.

5. In August, go to the end of the world, to Rodrigues

Go kitesurfing in Rodrigues in August.

Rodrigues Island is best known for its magnificent lagoon, which is very reassuring for those who wish to learn. You will find many Kite schools there.

Additional activities: hiking, diving.
Rodrigues is a small island, out of time, offering a beautiful sweetness of life. You will find many hiking trails and diving clubs there.

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 2/3 of the time in August. Take a good shorty to see a complete one.

6. In August, direction the Dominican Republic!

There are many kitesurfing spots in the Dominican Republic, you should know that the further west you go, the stronger the wind. Choose your spot according to your practice! It is also a great place to experience the activity.

Additional activities: hiking, diving, paddle boarding, canyoning
The Dominican Republic offers lots of different activities, the best is to take a road trip so you don’t miss a thing!

Sailing conditions: You will have wind almost 100% of the time in August, but it does not rise until the afternoon. You can sail in a swimsuit!

7. In August, go riding in Morocco!
Go kitesurfing in Morocco in August.

You will find flat in Dakhla as well as plenty of kitesurfing schools. It’s a great place for me to start kitesurfing.
If you are more of a wave lover, head to Essaouira, where the Dakhla wave spot.

Additional activities: surfing, walk around town, see camels and dunes.

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 90% of the time in August, but beware the wind can be very strong during this period. Full suit.

Other Kitesurf spots you can explore in August
In August, you can also go to Oman, Turkey, Peru, Greece, Sri Lanka and Egypt to Kitesurf in good conditions!


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