The ultimate guide to kitesurfing in Sicily

In Sicily, kitesurfing also has its followers and many. Large kites fly through the skies of Sicily like-colored fans, especially the western coast of the island between Trapani and Marsala. It has become one of the most sought after places thanks to its powerful winds. 

The immense lagoon Dello Stagnone combines where air currents run, allowing for more than 300 days a year to guarantee winds suitable for kitesurfing. Also, the proximity to Africa makes it a place with warm temperatures that encourage you to enjoy fashionable sports around the world.

Discover a close, windy and exotic destination with a kitesurfing stay in Sicily!

You will find optimal conditions there, on the spot of Lo Stagnone. Indeed, this site is simply perfect for learning to kite. In addition, you will have the supervision of an experienced school, which will ensure that you progress quickly.

In addition, experienced kitesurfers will navigate one of the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean. They will access accessible beaches where you will discover small corners of preserved paradise.
Therefore, a kitesurfing holiday in Sicily is ideal for lovers of the sea and water sports.

Finally, Sicily is not only a kitesurfing paradise, it is also an incredible destination for your holidays. With its grandiose landscapes, its gastronomy and its culture, this multi-faceted island will leave you with indelible memories.


Marsala region

Marsala is located west of the island, about 1 hour from Palermo. Intended for lovers of authenticity, the Marsala region will seduce you with its beauty, its culture and its gastronomy.

Mixture of colors and rhythms, you will love this cheerful and friendly city, punctuated by many events throughout the year (Holy Week, events around the landing of Garibaldi and the many fairs and festivals that celebrate the harvest) .
Marsala will delight wine lovers: the region has a world famous vintage and you will not be able to resist a small tasting in one of the many surrounding cellars.

It is a region inhabited for centuries with a rich historical and cultural heritage, renowned for its salt production.

You will be charmed by its pretty windmills at sunset, its wild nature, and will appreciate being immersed in a gentle timelessness, far from stress and agitation.

guide to kitesurf in Sicily

Kitesurfing conditions in Lo Stagnone, Sicily


A shallow lagoon with flat water combined with a long, warm, and reliable wind season sounds like the ideal kite trip destination for many. Sunset, wine, and soft vibrations make it a worthy kite destination. That’s the Lo Stagnone waiting for you.

Wind and weather

The season runs from March to the end of October. You can also find wind outside these months, but it will be less reliable with more rain and colder water.

Having this reliable wind combined with a massive flatwater lagoon is rare in Europe.

The weather system at Lo Stagnone is unique due to a combination of the prevailing wind, thermal wind, and venturi effect.

The most common wind direction is North, served by the Mistral. Sometimes it is the Scirocco of the South. Both work well in the lagoon, although when the wind is coming ashore, it can be a bit windy on the nearest shore, so be careful when getting in and out of the water. In addition to this, the lagoon warms up on sunny days and creates a sea breeze that adds some knots that are not visible in the forecasts. When this happens almost daily during the season, expect an extra 3-5 knots to arrive around noon and stay until late afternoon or even sunset.

The wind comes sometime after lunch, as usual. An interesting phenomenon is that some days it may be too hot for the thermal to work. Sicily can be very hot in July and August, and if the temperature difference is too small between sea and land, the temperature may not occur.

In general, the wind is relatively light during the summer season. There are exceptions, of course, but knots 12-20 seem to be the norm. That doesn’t appeal to everyone, but this light wind and shallow Lo Stagnone is the perfect match for both beginners and freestylers.


The Stagnone kite spot guide


The spot – below the small village of San Leonardo, 15 minutes from the town of Marsala – is a huge bay, protected by islets which close it off almost completely. At the edge of the village of Birgi, between the towns of Trapani and Marsala, the spot offers a perfectly flat body of water.
It sometimes presents a little chop when it blows hard but above all the enormous advantage of having feet very far away, which makes learning and progress very easy.

This site also offers wind conditions conducive to progress for all levels from beginner to expert.
So you will have the winning combination of warm, shallow and flat water, with metronome wind.

You have a flat and shallow water. The bottom is mud or mostly seagrass, and it is good to walk. Wear booties just in case you are learning and walk a lot as you could step on something. This type of seagrass is also not a big problem for your kite lines. They stick to them but are easy to shake.

Where to launch

With a lagoon this size, you would think that you can launch from a hundred different spots. No. Access to the lagoon is quite limited, and kite schools occupy almost all possible launch areas. All kite schools join around Birgi Vecchi. The landing and launching area is a little small, and many centers practice assisted launch from the water. There is a beach from which some schools operate north of the lagoon.

If you want more launch area, you can join a center at the north end of the lagoon.

 Where to stay in Lo Stagnone

The lagoon is just between Marsala in the south and Trapani in the North. They are great cities to visit but would require a daily 30-minute trip to the spot. Instead, all kitesurfers stay in flats or shared accommodation in the small communities around the kite centers. Some apartments and resorts are even right on the spot. RV parking is also available.

You can also stay closer to the town center for quick access to cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, and supermarkets. In general, the distances are short with a car, but compared to many other kite spots, it is a bit too long and quiet to get a high score in post-kite activities.



where to kitesurf in sicily

Kitesurfing in Sicily, a paradise on earth!


Indeed, the wind in the region is constant and regular from April to October, and blows up to 30 knots in summer (in July / August). To add to this, the spot has plenty of space to evolve and progress without fear of crowds.

The best period for kiting is from the end of April to the end of October. However, in winter, the wind statistics are very good, but it is cold! On the other hand, in summer the prevailing wind is a thermal from the north, around 15-18 knots which blows, as regular as a metronome, almost every day from noon.

During the other seasons the wind conditions are variable. Detail that does not matter since all orientations work in Lo Stagnone. This is why we recommend bringing all your kites since you can have 15 knots as well as 35.


Learn kitesurfing in Marsala

Marsala reveals its idyllic conditions for learning kitesurfing. Indeed, with the Lo Stagnone nature reserve as a playground, on an ultra-safe site where you will have shallow water, you will progress with confidence.

You will have a vast virgin lagoon of shallow and flat water, exempt from boats and swimmers.
Combining progress and pleasure cannot be simpler than on this perfect site which seems to have been created for learning kitesurfing!

The shallow waters are ideal for beginners and intermediate kitesurfers, as they can return from any point in the bay. Thus, on the ultra secure spot of Marsala, you will be able to learn kitesurfing under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Other activities to do in Sicily a part of Kitesurfing


* On windless days, you can choose to SUP in the lagoon, relax with a book in its center, or hop in a car and go to some of the local tourist attractions.

* Wine tasting in the region.

* Night appointment in the picturesque town of Castellammare del Golfo

* Coastal hike in the Zingaro National Reserve

* Sundays at sunset parties at the bar by the lagoon

* Landscape of mountains and sea in the Zingaro nature reserve.

* Head to Trapani when you want some nightlife. It’s about 30 min drive.

* Tequila is poured into a plastic cup.

* It felt like a good idea at the time …

Easy to get to, cheap, a lot of sun, and great food. The Stagnone meets many requirements, and I haven’t even mentioned the constant wind and flat water.

Probably Sicily us the best spot in Europe in terms of Kitesurfing. It may not be the best for wave lovers, but if you like to progress in your career as a beginner or freestyle, this is the spot