Ultimate guide about kitesurfing in Cumbuco

Cumbuco is a small fishing village located about 35 kilometers northwest of the city of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará, along the northeast coast of Brazil. The town is picturesque and attracts both national and international tourism. Cumbuco has beautiful, calm beaches and the famous sand dunes on the other side. There is a small and busy town that is built around the main square where the fresh fish market, tropical palm trees and several restaurants (barracks) are located.

Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Cumbuco also has the perfect conditions for kitesurfing with mild air temperatures and consistent winds from July to January. The sand dunes behind the town also create a thermal effect that increases wind speed.

Cumbuco is the ideal kite vacation destination for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.

The beaches are wide and spacious.

The wind that blows in season is called TRADE WINDS, whose intensity ranges from 16 to 25 constant knots. There are many hotels on the beach, pousadas and Kite clubs.

Cumbuco kitesurfing spots

Cumbuco beach is only a 30-minute drive by road and is the closest to Fortaleza for kitesurfing. Its enormous extension allows, even despite the number of people in high season, to find a place for everyone. The sea conditions are choppy, although this is reduced as the tide goes down, and sometimes a good swell can enter. We therefore especially recommend this spot at low tide and with a full moon.

The beach itself is the main spot, although not the only one, in Cumbuco. The enormous extension of this beach means that, despite the number of people that gather there in the high season, there is always room for everyone. The sea conditions are choppy, although this is reduced as the tide goes down. Sometimes a good swell can come in, so we especially recommend this spot at low tide for those who want flat water and with a full or new moon for those who are looking for something more than a deep sea.

However, in Cumbuco there is, as in many other spots in Brazil, the possibility of renting a buggy and going to practice Kitesurfing at other spots. All levels will find their ideal area to navigate and make the most of the holidays. Among others we highlight:

Cauipe Lagoon: just 5 km from Cumbuco. Quickly accessible by buggy or even downwind from Cumbuco beach and take a buggy back. It is an ideal lagoon to progress by having flat water and standing on much of it.

Taiba: located 25km from Cumbuco. The easiest thing is to go on the beach by buggy. A downwind is possible but it would take all day. Once there, there are 2 spots: one with waves close to the town itself and another with a larger lagoon than Cauipe.

Paracurú: about 40km from Cumbuco. Again it is by buggy on the beach the fastest way to get there. The spot to navigate is outside the town itself, which on the other hand is nothing special. The spot itself, however, is spectacular to navigate: a flat water lagoon is created at low tide and anyone who wants can go to the reef in search of waves. It also has a huge beach bar with a green area to rest and assemble the equipment.


Cumbuco is located very close to the equator, so it has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 24 ºC to 29 ºC throughout the year.

During the wet season, which begins in January and ends in July, more or less intense rains can occur, especially at night.

The water temperature is also warm, ranging between 20 ºC and 25 ºC.


The wind in Cumbuco blows regularly practically daily from July to February. The windiest months are August and September, when you will have to use small measures of kite or wind.


In the wet season the wind is not as assured, but there are also quite a few favorable days.

 What kite equiment do you need when kitesurfing in Cumbuco?

 You don´t need to take with you many kites since normally the wind to sail every day with a 9 meter kite for a kitsurfer of up to 80 kg. This is a measure that allows you to surf almost every day for 9 months.