The Portuguese Republic is in fashion. This small neighboring country stands out for its picturesque corners, an impressive gastronomy and, for a few years, for its music festivals and its kite culture. Whatever you are looking for, fun or disconnection are guaranteed. And best of all, you won’t need a fortune to go on vacation.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese coasts stand out for their 850 km of beaches, coves and wild lagoons. The climate and spectacular winds make its waters the perfect place for beginner and expert kiters. In Portugal kitesurfing is practiced 365 days a year, or, as they say, “366 if it is a leap year”;).

The experts in nautical activities, such as surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding, say that there is no other coast like it in the whole world, since the number of spots is very high. After having traveled the Spanish coasts, we take a short jump to discover the Algarve, the Portuguese region with the best surf and kite spots in the country.


The Algarve kitesurfing spots

The most touristic area in Portugal and the most prominent to practice Kite is, without a doubt, The Algarve. This region, located in the south of the country and with almost 460 thousand inhabitants, receives more than nine million foreign tourists each year. They say that its natural landscapes and beaches are irresistible, and that there is the perfect balance for experts and beginners in kite.

If you are taking the first steps in the world of kitesurfing
The Algarve offers you great kite spots next to Lagos and Alvor. This area, characterized by its lagoons surrounded by sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and regular winds, is perfect to start flying the kite and learn quickly and progressively. If you dare, put the batteries! Kitesurfing classes in this area begin in May and end in October, as these are the months when the waves are more suitable for those who are starting in the world of kite.

Are you an experienced kiter? No problem
The Algarve also offers waves of all kinds and constant winds so that the more advanced riders can practice kitesurfing, windsurfing or wakestyle at their ease. The southwest of the Algarve offers kiters a great variety of waves. If you are looking for strong emotions, your perfect time of year to sail is from October to April, when the land winds blow.


Without further ado, let´s see what are the best kitesurfing spots in Algarve!


1. Playa Altura, Algarve, Portugal.

This crystal-clear water beach is perfect for practising Windsurfing and Kite in the Freestyle, Freeride, Bump & Jump or long-distance modalities, for both experts and beginners. The best season is from March to October and the best hours of the day to sail are the afternoon and the night! What will it be like to navigate under the moonlight?

2. Alvor

The spot, known as La Ría de Alvor, is about 5 minutes by car from the fishing village of Alvor. During the weekend it is only populated by kiters.

And the thing is, this estuary, located next to some dreamy coves, is one of the best-valued spots in the Algarve. It has a camping site, a point of sale and repair of equipment and a Kite school. The wind usually blows from the northwest between 16 and 25 knots, perfect forces to practice Freestyle, Freeride, and Speed.

The best months to lift your kite in Alvor are from March to October. If you pass by, don’t miss Praia do Submarino. Spectacular.


3. Fuzeta Bar

If you are a kiter but you are looking for a quiet place to sail and be able to combine sport and family, Barra Fuzeta is your ideal kite spot. In front of the small town of Fuseta, this lagoon of low and calm waters extends.


Located 5 minutes walk from the town, this spot has everything you might need, including a rescue service and a hotel. In Barra de Fuzeta you can practice Kitesurf in the morning and in the afternoon whenever there is high tide. If the tide does not rise, you will have time to take a quiet walk on the beach or enjoy the excellent Portuguese cuisine in the local restaurants.

When sailing you should not only take into account that the wind blows with southwest orientation and with an average force of up to 25 knots, but you can also meet other boats.


4. Cabanas de Tavira

Cabanas de Tavira, a small fishing village very close to the city of Tavira, offers unspoiled beaches with the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. In front of its coasts, and 5 minutes away by boat, known as “water taxis”, we can find two islands: Tavira and Cabanas, part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Its coasts, of 11 and 7 kilometres respectively, have beaches for all tastes. They are perfect for families seeking tranquillity for the day or for groups of friends and athletes who want to enjoy kitesurfing or windsurfing until the afternoon.

Adventure or calm? You choose. Of course, if you are looking for disconnection, do not plan your vacation on the Island of Tavira for Easter. The island hosts the International Sports Meeting, nothing more and nothing less than four days of sports competition with 4,000 participants, free activities, beach and party.


5. Carrapateira

Those who have visited it say Carrapateira is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Algarve and a true paradise for surfers and kiters. Don’t forget to take a fridge, food and even a tent, the beach is deserted during the week. This kitesurf spot, also known as Playa de Bordeira, is located 5 minutes by car from the same village. The wild beach, open to the Atlantic Ocean, is a mix of rocks and sand dunes.

Carrapateira is the perfect place to enjoy the sound of the wind and waves, get lost walking or practice Surf and Kite. The best times to catch the board are in the afternoon, with a northwest wind of up to 25 knots.

The environment is so pure and wild that you must be careful with water currents, reefs, rocks and other obstacles on the surface of the sea. The best months for sailing are from October to March. Don’t forget about sun protection! Its winds deceive the heat.


6. Alvor Lagoon

The Alvor estuary, also known in the kite world as Laguna de Alvor, is one of the most highly rated kitesurfing spots in the Algarve. The Laguna de Alvor is a public space that is accessed directly from the town of Alvor. This lagoon, located to the west of the Portuguese Algarve, is perfect for all types of kiters, since the northwest wind changes its strength throughout the day, reaching 25 knots. Its natural conditions allow riders to make a kite change and continue sailing. Kiters and surfers who have enjoyed the lagoon say that it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Algarve. The entire lagoon has almost 1,500 hectares of natural and semi-natural habitats. That alone is worth a visit, right?

If you decide on this spot you should know that it is perfect for practising Freestyle, Freeride, Bump & Jump, long-distance, and speed, from March to November, and especially in the afternoon and at night. But beware! You must be very attentive since you can come across other kiters and boats.

kite spots in Algarve

If you arrive at your spot and there is no wind, no problem …
If the Algarve stands out for something, it is for its natural landscapes and its offer of sports activities. Hiking, bike routes, surf lessons or simply enjoy the tranquillity of its coasts. Be that as it may, your vacation in Portugal will always be a good alternative, with or without a kite.

These are just some of the best spots you can find on the Portuguese coast, but there are many more. Do you know any better? Where is your favourite wave?

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