The Darkslide in kitesurfing



What is the Darkslide?


Did you know that the Darkslide is one of the more stylish kite tricks you can perform in kitesurfing? If you are one of those posers who like to perform your kite tricks near the shore, then the Darkslide will be your favourite trick.

This trick consists of staying in one position and as close to the water as possible. In this guide, you will learn how to Darkslide in few steps. Do you want to learn how to Darkslide? If yes, let´s go!


how to darkslide

How to Darkslide in kitesurfing



First of all, you have to choose the correct spot if you want to learn the darkslide properly.

In order to perform this kitesurfing trick, better you choose a flatwater spot. The more flat water you have, the easier will be to perform the trick.


To start with the trick, you will need power on the kite. Once you have reasonable speed,  keep the pressure on the bar and try to place your body as close to the water as possible by laying forward.


At the same time,  brush the water with the front part of the board while lifting the back part.


To make it more stylish, you can grab the edge of the board with our backhand


  • Finally, in order to give power to the kite and to take-off again, you have to make a kite loop 

Here you can see a video that will help you a lot if you want to learn the Darkslide:

As I said before, the Dark slide is a very stylish and cool trick to perform. You will love the sensation it produces and how the board slides with the tip over the water and feeling the lift, it is great and very pleasant, the final kiteloop must be done with the kite out of the window to get the necessary power to jump a little and place the board in the correct position to continue or make a transition, that or you go flying off if you do not control the kiteloop, you have to control certain factors before the trick works with ease, naturalness and safety, the first thing is to pop and change board and body, the body instead of going back against the water you change to chest against water, the board changes from sailing with the fins to sliding the part of the handle and straps (dark side), leave the bar straight while you perform the trick, we only pull the bar back when we finish the trick and we lose speed, not before … You have to master the lift well, which is achieved with bar pressure and leavingalways the kite in motion, keep it light and slow