A practical guide to Kitesurf in Alicante

Are you thinking of Kitesurfing in Alicante? Let us tell you that you don´t be disappointed! Alicante has in itself a peculiar attraction of its beaches and especially of the variety of its winds that lend itself to the practice of water sports, especially kitesurfing. Alicante is a quiet place, but with great tourist and sports entertainment. There are very good kitesurfing schools and many others that belong to the world of nautical sports.


Kitesurfing season and wind conditions in Alicante


The kitesurfing season in Alicante usually starts at the beginning of April and usually ends at the end of September. During these months you will find constant thermal wind. However, apart from the thermal winds, you can find some decent wind to kite all year round

Tramuntana and Mistral: Wind that blows from the North and Northwest, they are usually winter winds that are accompanied by low temperatures. The recommended sailing site is Els Molins beach, a few minutes from the centre of Denia.

 Levante and Gregal: Wind coming from the East and Northeast. It is a wind that can blow at any time of the year, it comes from the sea, which leaves it a bit churning, forming some waves. The best places to sail in Alicante with this wind are Playa de San Juan, Altet, Carabassi, La Molina. If the wind comes totally from the East, you can also sail in Playa Lisa (Santa Pola).

 Xaloc or Siroco: Wind that enters from the Southeast. It is a wind that is not usually very intense. You can sail with large or hydrofoil kites and the coast of Santa Pola, Playa de San Juan, La Marina.

Migjorn: Wind that comes from the South. This wind is not usually very good in the Alicante area, but when it enters you can sail in Playa Lisa, Calpe, Guardamar.

 Garbí or Leveche: Southwest wind, possibly the best wind that Alicante can sail along with the Levante. It is a wind that usually enters constant with an average intensity of 15 to 20 knots although on some occasions it can exceed that maximum. There are several places where you can navigate this wind: Denia, Calpe, Santa Pola, El Pinet La Marina, Guaramar del Segura and Torrevieja


Poniente: It blows from the West and it is a wind that comes from the land quite gusty. You can sail in Playa Lisa (Santa Pola) but it is not advisable to get into the water with this wind if you do not have enough level.

The best kitesurfing spots in Alicante


 Alicante has more than fun! it has excellence in geographical location and popularity to enjoy life outdoors in this beautiful place. It is an area with quite a few winds that are ideal for kitesurfing.

This area includes several beaches that you can choose from, such as: Playa de San Juan, Playa de Carabassi << it is a fantastic place but with stones on the shore >>; Calpe, Playa Lisa «great for beginners», Playa Grande. Playa del Altet-Urbanova, Playa de la Mata and La Marina.

There is a very special beach called Denia that has characteristics that allow the practice of this sport for much of the year, since it is privileged with its subtle thermal winds in spring and summer, the Garbí wind does not usually fail and blows constantly every day during these seasons.

It is a very favoured area for having a good climate throughout the year, the winds accompany an average of 2 times for the sport of kitesurfing, for this reason, it is one of the recommended places during any season of the year. It is considered a good place to learn since the wind is not usually very aggressive and the spots are safe, but not everything in Alicante is kitesurfing, this province is large and has other tourist attractions that you can enjoy with family and friends.



There is a wide variety of places to offer you where you can stay in Alicante either to spend a few days or just one night.