Sal, Cape Verde

The ultimate guide to kitesurfing in Sal, Cape Verde


Sal in Cape Verde is a world renowned kitesurfing destination thanks to its wind statistics, the variety of spots to start or excel, the quality of its waves and the level of Cape Verdean kitesurfers. In addition to the optimal conditions for kitesurfing, Sal offers a relaxed lifestyle against the backdrop of Cape Verde music just as enchanting as Cape Verdean Creole. Kitesurfing is king in Sal but you can taste all the other water sports such as surfing, stand up paddle (SUP), windsurfing, scuba diving. The beautiful ocean will delight you with its colors, its abundance of fish that you will discover underwater, on your plate or when fishing boats arrive on the magnificent and picturesque pontoon of Santa Maria. The disused salt flats from which the name of the island comes from, “Sal”, is a visit not to be missed. Or one of the most beautiful dives in Cape Verde.

Perhaps you will be in Sal at the same time as the mythical carnival of Espargos … In the evening, you will appreciate the sweetness of the streets of Santa Maria for a drink, enjoy an ice cream, discreetly encourage the locals during their soccer training . Fiestas lovers will not be disappointed between the typical restaurants, the small peaceful bars or very lively, especially on Saturday evening when some bars close their doors to raise the ambient temperature on the dance floors! Odile, your kitesurf expert agent on the island of Sal in Cape Verde, will tell you about good cultural, festive or aquatic plans, not to mention kitesurfing!

It never rains in Sal. From October to June, the trade winds blow almost every day. From December to April, there are exceptional wind and wave conditions; the coolest months are from December to March. During this period, it is 22 to 25 degrees during the day and 18 to 20 in the evening. The water temperature reaches 21 to 23 degrees. A 3 mm jumpsuit or shorty is recommended if you are a little chilly. The other months of the year are warmer, you can just ride in boardshorts. All season long, the Kite Beach spot is ideal for kitesurfing, whether you are a beginner or an expert, freestyle or wave. And from December to April, Cape Verde offers a multitude of spots for kite surfing. Whether you are already a strapless expert, or want to learn to ride your first wave with a directional board, the many spots on the west coast are suitable for all levels: Ponta Sino, Canoa, Secret Spot, Ali Baba, Coral Jul and the famous Ponta Preta line, a world famous spot in kite, surf and windsurf.

What are the best kite spots in Sal (Cape Verde)?

Kitebeach, Ponta Preta, Ponta Sino, Canoa, Secret Spot.

What is the best period for kiting in Sal (Cape Verde)?

It’s great for kiting in Cape Verde from October to June.

What is the water temperature in Cape Verde?

During the period suitable for kiting, the water temperature varies from 21 ° to 23 °

How strong is the wind in Sal (Cape Verde)?

The trade winds blow between 15 and 25 knots on average.

Kitesurfing conditions in Sal

The bay of Santa María, in Sal, with an extension of more than 3 km., Offers ideal conditions for kitesurfing for all levels (beginners, advanced and experts). The left side-shore wind with an average of F4 / F5 makes this beach without obstacles an ideal place for learning. In addition, for greater safety, the beach is divided into two areas, one for windsurfing and the other for kitesurfing.

Also clubs usually organize excursions to other spots such as Kite Beach (Cabeza de Salinas) so that the most advanced and expert can try different conditions and spots.

Those more adventurous and advanced in waves will also be able to explore other wave spots that are all over the island. The Ponta Preta spot with waves from 3m to 6m only 50m from the shore is a must. The lack of security and the size of the waves make this spot reserved for the very advanced ……… but it is worth going to see the pros!

Discover the island of Sal and its magical conditions for kiteboarding in Cape Verde!


The island of Sal in Cape Verde is located off the West African coast. A kitesurfing holiday in Cape Verde includes world famous sites. Furthermore, the island offers the perfect combination of sun, waves and wind.

Indeed, with its wind statistics, the variety of spots to start or improve, the quality of its waves and its unique landscapes, Sal, in Cabo Verde is one of the ultimate destinations for kitesurfing.

Thus, on this little gold mine for all water sports, the ocean will provide you with a playground of great beauty. Aquarium version of the seabed for diving as well as wind for kiteboarding, it goes without saying. But also consistent waves for surfing as well as lagoons for stand up paddle.

The windy season lasts from October to June. Finally, a special mention should be made for wave riders from December to April, where Sal picks up excellent swells.

Moreover, whether you are already a strapless expert, or want to learn how to ride your first wave with a directional board, many spots on the island are suitable for all levels of riders. And it has enough to challenge the most seasoned, moreover.

Finally, Sal offers multiple accommodation options. So you will find from the all-inclusive hotel to the small family pension in bed and breakfast. Unless you would prefer to rent a fully equipped apartment.


Sal Weather

Sal is the island where it never rains, it receives trade winds almost every day from October to June.

In addition, from December to April, the big swells come in. They thus make it possible to combine exceptional conditions for epic wave sessions.

However, at the chilliest of the season (December to March), you can expect 22 to 25 degrees during the day and 18 to 20 in the evening. However, the water temperature remains at 21 to 23 degrees. Thus, a 3.2 or a shorty will suffice for the more cautious.
Boardshorts are required the other months of the year.

The Kitebeach Spot

Whether you are independent or a beginner, kitesurfing is accessible to all levels of practitioners. They will also find many kitesurfing schools on site.
The most famous spot for kitesurfing in Cape Verde is Kite Beach, a bay located on the east coast of Sal. This kite spot is only 5 minutes by car from downtown Santa Maria. Thus, with its constant wind from November to May, its ideal side-on orientation for practice, its huge bay always bathed in ideal weather, it is the perfect place to learn kiteboarding!

In addition to its splendid temperate turquoise water, navigation is safe there with the wind between side/side on/on shore and inevitably pushes towards the flattest area of ​​the large beach of more than 2 kilometers.
The spot offers flat water ideal for progressing, but also beautiful waves in other parts of the bay, to be exploited by amateurs.

It is the essential spot for kitesurfing in Cape Verde.


The other kitesurf spots in Cape Verde

In addition, you will have the possibility to organize downwinders during your stay. You can also explore the many other kite spots on the island. Among these, Santa Maria, Punta Lembech, Punta Sino, Ponta Leme, to name a few.

However be careful, some of these are reserved for experienced riders only. Do not be surprised in the sometimes radical waves.
Finally, the more adventurous will find many wild spots all around the island, enough to delight fans of waves and variety. From December to April, Cape Verde offers a multitude of spots for kitesurfing in the waves. Whether you are already a strapless expert, or want to learn how to ride your first wave with a board, the many spots on the west coast of the island are suitable for all levels.