January is one of the best months for a kitesurfing holidays. It is winter in Europe and you want to run away from the cold! Are you wondering where to kite in January? Here we indicate some of the best kite spots where you can travel in January, most of them located in some of the most exotic destinations in the world 

If there is any good advice that we can give you, it is to book your january kite holidays in advance. We have spent a tremendous Christmas with a lot of sweets and surrounded by family to the max and now is time to kite. We have kitesurfing in our blood and this makes us wonder where we can kite in January


 What do you need to know about a kitesurf vacation in January?

  It is important to know that the earlier you book, the better price you will get and more accommodation options will be available since it is the month with the most occupancy in almost all kite destinations. January is a month in which the majority of kitesurfers decide to get away from the cold and kite in warmer and more tropical places. Are you wondering where to kite in January? Here we list some of the best spots to kite in January. We hope you enjoy them!

Best kite spots to travel in January. Organise your kite holiday in January

List of the top 10 kite spots to travel in January


1.Langebaan, South Africa

 Langebaan is a TOP winter destination with 95% wind reliability and a large flat water lagoon. Direct direct flights from Europe, with a small time difference, make even a week of vacation viable.  Let´s kite in Langebaan in January! Langebaan is the best kitesurfing destination in Africa where to kite in January


2.Le Morne, Mauritius

 Le Morne is also one of the best kitesurfing vacation destinations to travel in January. World class waves like “One Eye” and a huge flat water lagoon for beginners. In January, Le morne is a kitesurfing paradise for kitesurfing


3.Dakhla, Morocco

 A unique but perfect multi-level location with 70-80% wind reliability during the month of January. There are many hotels that open their doors during the kitesurf season in January. Access a large flat water lagoon from your accommodation is a must. One of the most spectacular kitesurfing spots in the world, perfect for adventurous singles who decide to make the month of January an unforgettable kitesurfing trip! Also, Dakhla is very neear from europe so very accesible for a short kite trip in January


4.Sal & Boa Vista, Cape Verde

 Aother great spot where to kite in January! A fast 5-hour flight from Europe makes it the most reliable short-haul destination for the wind in January. In Cape Verde there are a wide variety of kite spots, especially wave spots for advanced kiters.


5.Cabarete, Dominican Republic

 Weekly direct flights from Europe. Very fun “Latino” vibe, perfect for friends or single travelers looking to have a good time. Cabarete is not only one of the best kite spots in January;  most of the year it’s windy! In addition, it has a wide variety of conditions for all levels. If you want a cheap destination in the Caribbean this is your best kite spot in January


6.Paje, Zanzibar, Tanzania

 In January the wind in Paje is excellent for kiting. Excellent location for those seeking a combination of luxury and adventure. The beach is super beutiful and excellent for beginners and advanced levels


7.Gostoso, Brazil

  One of the most reliable kite spots in January. Very friendly and vibrant Latin American environment. Great community atmosphere. Impressive small beachfront hotels. Brilliant kitesurfing center.


  1. Antigua

  The constant northeast trade winds are impressive in Antigua in January! Easy to travel between the different kite spots on this impressive Caribbean island. In January, apart from kite you can do other activities such as light sailing, diving, SUP, windsurfing and kitesurfing, all available in the same place. Easy direct flights from Europe


9.Pink Beach, Bonaire

 Bonaire is also one of the best kite destinations in January! Huge and beautiful flat water lagoon with a well-stocked friendly kitesurf center


 10.Sotavento, Matas Bay, Corralejo, Fuerteventura

  Fuerteventura is one of the quintessential kite destinations in January! From super flat and shallow lagoons tokite spots full of waves, Fuerteventura is your future kite spot in January! There is also a wide variety of accommodation for all budgets. Lots of restaurants, shops, and nightlife

kite spots in January. BEst kite destinations in January

What are you doing sitting on the sofa in January letting time pass? Prepare your kite equipment and sign up for one of these magnificent kite destinations in January