A practical guide to Kitesurfing in Denia


Denia is a perfect destination for kitesurfing.

You can sail all year round with summer kitesurfing spots that work with thermal winds and winter spots with strong Northwest winds.

In Denia, you will find thermal winds in spring-summer, from the beginning of April to September with constant winds between 12 and 25 knots. The wind is usually plugged in at 14:00 until 19:00 approx. At this time of the year, the most used kites are from 9 to 12m.

And in the winter season,  with Northwest winds, you will be able to kite with small kites between 7 and 9m.

The main kitesurfing spot in Denia is the Espigon Norte in the Port of Denia

This kite spot is located in the urban centre of the town of Dénia (Alicante). Currently, Dénia is one of the most important passenger ports in Spain due to its proximity between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

 This spot is in front of the urban centre of Denia and is unique because it is made of flat water, which makes it a paradise for freestyle lovers.

For a few years, it has become the nerve centre of Kite Foil and where the Spanish Cup and the Spanish Championship have been held. Several sailors from the CD Marina el Portet de Denia train there.

It is located in a port area, that is, it is not classified as a beach. For three years it has been managed by the CD Marina El Portet de Denia and its Costa Blanca Kiteschool, which specialized in teaching offshore classes.

In summer it has an authorized area for the practice of nautical sports and a requirement to access this spot is to have a federative license or CR insurance in force.


During the summer months, the Garbi is mainly sailed, however, in this spot you can navigate the gregal and Levante.

 Mainly, you can usually navigate with 11 -12 meters kite.


a practical guide to kitesurf in denia

Kite spots in Denia



Spot Les Deveses de Denia

It is where the kite channel is, the old Riomar kite channel has been moved by the new PATIVEL law, it is on the same beach as Les Deveses but about 200 m further south, perfect for kite with more space and safer than the old Riomar canal. Thanks to the City Council of Dénia and the Board of Directors of the Dénia Kitesurf Club.

To navigate in the kite channel it is necessary to have a federative license or private insurance with RC.

The best wind to navigate in the Les Deveses spot is the Garbí (EAST or EAST-SOUTHEAST).

In the kite channel of the marinas (Spot Les Deveses de Denia) there is the denisurf school and they also have a local with a shop.


Spot Playa del Molins de Denia

It is a spot that works in Winter with strong Northwest wind

It is sailed with strong winds from the west (west) and mistral (northwest).


It is a very wide beach with very strong wind and sometimes with more than 30 knots.

You usually sail south of the Molins beach.


This spot is located on the Las Marinas highway. It is perfect for sailing in winter with the terrestrial winds, with winds from the West, Northwest and its beach located to the north, make this spot one of the best for the winter season, perfect in storms with gusts of 25 to 40 knots.

In summer it is forbidden to sail in this spot from July 1 to August 31. In spring and summer, outside the prohibition date, sail with the Northeast.

It is the only beach in the Valencian community that faces north and that is why you can navigate W / NW / N

Denia kite

In a nutshell…


Its mild weather conditions, both sea and wind, make Denia’s kite spots an idyllic destination for kitesurfing if you already practice this sport. Denia kite spot is an idyllic destination to learn to kitesurf. Molins is also one of the most virgin kitesurf spots in the Valencian community.

The wind in Denia is a constant thermal wind. The season usually starts at the beginning of April and usually ends at the end of September. The intensity of the thermal wind in olive, usually oscillates between 12 and 25 knots.

The wind in Denia usually enters early around 2:00 p.m. and if the direction of the wind does not change to the south, the wind usually lasts in the middle of the season until 7:00 p.m.

The perfect kite meters for the Denia kite spot, for weights of 74kg and up, are 11 / 12m. The perfect combination would be to have a 9 just in case. And have an 11/12 meters, which will be the kite size that you will use the most in olive, denia, piles, daimus, miramar, gandia … The thermal wind in denia and its surroundings usually starts at 2:00 p.m./15: 00 and normally ends at 19: 00/20: 00