The ultimate guide to kitesurfing in the Bahamas


Did you know that in the Bahamas you can find some of the most terrific kite spots in the Caribbean? Yes, what you heard, kitesurfing in the Bahamas is awesome!  if you want to combine kitesurfing with some of the best paradisiacal beaches in the world, then you can start planning your next kitesurfing trip to the Bahamas!

Cat Island is named after the English pirate Arthur Catt, who used to stop here on his expeditions. The long island has the distinction of being home to the highest peak in the Bahamas, Mount Alveria at 63 meters … on which is the Hermitage, an old monastery, with a panoramic view of the whole island. It is also the birthplace of Sidney Poitiers, the first black actor to win an Oscar in the 1960s.
The main kite spot is located in the southeast of the island, opposite the Greenwood Beach resort and in the immediate vicinity of a beautiful pink sand beach that stretches for more than 10 km.

The water is always very warm in the Bahamas, the beaches still paradisiacal and the still virgin spots on Cat Island!


Kitesurfing season in the Bahamas


Before telling you what are the best kite spots in the Bahamas, let´s start with the best time to kitesurf in the Bahamas!

The well-established easterly trade winds blow regularly side-on or onshore from December to May at between 15 and 20 knots. The rainy season was from May to November with a risk of cyclones from August to October. The spot is flat, well sheltered from the waves. For beginners, the spot is not always easy, especially at low tide because of the reefs which are flush with the surface but which are clearly visible in the crystal-clear water. It is the ideal spot for beginners who can navigate a large lagoon with a sandy bottom where you can walk everywhere, including at high tide. Foil enthusiasts will also be able to evolve on this spot by sailing at the bottom of the bay (bring your equipment, no foil rental).

Regarding the temperatures, they oscillate between 25 and 28 ° C and water at 24/25 ° C. The nights are cool in winter and drop to 18 ° C on average. Do not hesitate to bring your shorty because it gets cold quickly when the trade winds blow hard and a sweater because the evenings can be chilly. From May to November it is the rainy season with a hurricane season from August to October.

kitesurfing in the bahamas

The top 7 Kitesurfing spots in the Bahamas


The Bahamas are well known for their endless white sand beaches, their warm turquoise water in all seasons, their breathtaking scenery… And in this ideal environment there are also wonderful kitesurfing spots! 

Without further ado, here you have the most breathtaking kitesurfing spots in the Bahamas! Here is the top 7 kitesurfing spots in the Bahamas:



Greenwood is the most famous kitesurfing spot in the Bahamas. Located along a fine sandy beach of ten kilometres, often deserted, it has the advantage of being quite windy, especially from October to April, with winds between 15 and 20 knots 3 to 5 days a week. Often you will be the only one to ride in this true earthly paradise. On-site, a small kitesurfing school can provide you with information on sailing conditions.

Greenwood is a long pink sand beach of more than 10km. This is the spot that operates the most frequently because it is the beach with the best exposure to the easterly trade winds. It works by NO, N, NE, E and SE!  You can go downwind to Litlle Winding Bay which is a beautiful beach accessible only by a kite. Just before this bay, you have very beautiful waves which unwind on the shore. Be careful because at high tide there is no beach and no way to land because it is bordered by cliffs.


Paradise Bay beach is ideally located and exposed to try out all kinds of water sports such as wakeboarding or kitesurfing. For beginners, there is a kitesurfing school that will offer you individual and group lessons from December to May. Insiders will be able to rent their equipment directly on site. Wondering why Paradise Bay is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the Bahamas? There are in fact many reasons: the beach is far from crowded which allows you to really have fun sliding, the wind is relatively stable and constant in high season (from December to May), and the spot will be appreciated as much by novices than enthusiasts. 

This is spot works very well with  S / SW winds.  The beach is just a 10 minute drive from the Greenwood. It is a huge lagoon with a sandy bottom where you can walk everywhere. The perfect spot for learning or for freestyle. At low tide, there is little water (knee level) and at high tide, you will have water up to your waist.


If you want to feel like you have your own private spot, head to Hawknest. It is a mini spot, a 200m by 200m bay with a small beach, 5 palm trees, two hammocks, and a picnic table sheltered by a small hut. In short, the spot is too cute! It works by SO (rare direction). The downside is that you better not be afraid of small sharks. Shark feeding takes place every time you return from fishing in the canal next door … One of the rare spots where the beach remains large to launch regardless of the tide. However, as with Port Howe, there is very little water at low tide but it is still navigable.


Guanahani on the island of San Salvador, the first island discovered by Christopher Columbus, is renowned for its many possibilities for aquatic activities. What can you do in Guanahani? Well, there are many activities that you can do there, from Catamaran trips to scuba diving, but also and above all kitesurfing. The island, located outside the tourist maps, has sumptuous beaches often deserted where you can practice or perfect your kitesurfing technique in peace. From November to May, the conditions are idyllic for kitesurfing, alone in the world in the middle of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. 



 Ocean Dream is a resort by a beach where a huge and tubular swell is formed thanks to the reef. On the other hand, the wind is weaker than other spots and sometimes too onshore, which makes it difficult to pass the bar!



This spot is a bit far from Greenwood. It is a 1.5 hour drive in the North East of the island just before Arthur’s town. It is a tiny island located 300m from the coast. The first part of the road is fairly straightforward as you only need to take the island’s only asphalt road. The most complicated thing is to find the small dirt road which then leads to the beach. The paths are not maintained at all and there is little passage so nature quickly reclaims its rights. At the end of a long half-hour of the bumpy road, you will finally see a magnificent lagoon. At high tide, the small islet is barely discovered. The perfect wind is the East because suddenly it blows offshore on the island which will allow you to have an extra flat water surface for freestyle!



the bahamas kitesurfing spots

In a nutshell…

The Bahamas hosts some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world, that´s why it is sometimes considered the King of the crown when we talk about kitesurfing the Caribbean.  If you have time and you can afford a kite trip to the Bahamas, you won´t be disappointed.