Kitesurfing in Langebaan

Langebaan was the largest whaling port in the southern hemisphere, which fortunately is no longer in operation.

Located on the west coast of South Africa, Langebaan offers the only waters of the lagoon and Saldahna Bay.

It has an immense lagoon where you can navigate very safely, with turquoise waters and a good wind, somewhat gusty on some days, but in general a great spot.

Langebaan is located 1.5 hours from Cape Town and can be reached by national road, which is the shortest and parallel way to the coast, from where you will enjoy unique views and landscapes, and you can also go by motorway. , but the road gets longer and it will not be worth it.

Once in Langebaan, you will not get bored, if there is wind we have it clear, we go to the water to sail with our kite or windsurf, but if one day there is no wind or you just want to do other things, you will have golf courses, a national park, a casino in the Mykonos Club, horseback riding, water skiing, diving, helicopter flight, fishing, bird watching, whale watching, paint ball, surfing, sea kayaking and of course a Saturday night no You may miss a visit to the famous “Flamingos” night club!

It is not a city used to receiving European tourists, but this does not make its people extremely friendly and welcome any foreign tourist very well. You can go with all tranquility through its streets, beaches, parks, etc., it is a very safe city and where there is no crime.

 The city is a residential area where all constructions do not exceed the height of a 2-storey detached villa, with private gardens often without fencing. We could say that it looks like a residential area in California, but in South Africa.

Kitesurfing spots in Langebaan

 The best time for kitesurfing is during its summer period, which is from October to March, being its best wind between November and February. The wind conditions during this time are very reliable, reaching a force between F-4 and F-7. The average temperature is between 24-26ºC, but the water is somewhat cold, so it is advisable to wear a long wetsuit.

Langebaan Lagoon: the lagoon offers kitesurfers perfect conditions for both beginners and those more experienced. Thanks to the safety of the lagoon, of little depth and flat water, it has become one of the best places to practice and learn this sport.

Swartriet: This spot is recommended for all those more experienced looking for waves. The spot is located about an hour north of Langebaan.

 Yzerfontein: also a wave spot located approximately one hour south of Langebaan

 River Mouth or Lagoon Beach: This spot is the closest to Cape Town, 10 minutes from the city center. There is a large beach with a shallow area in the first 50m. The waves are soft, so it is good for all those who want to start in the waves.

 Tips when kitesurfing in Langebaan

 Located on the West Coast about 1 hour 30 minutes by car north of Cape Town, the city of Langebaan overlooks a turquoise bay in which three flat spots are spread:

 – Pearly’s Beach;

– Cape Sports Bay;

– Shark Bay which, despite appearances, does not harbor any sharks.


Like the South African West Coast, the place is as sparsely populated as it is developed, and thus offers a tranquil and exotic setting.

 A spot for all levels, ideal for freestyle, freeride, or to learn.

 The pros: flat water – no sharks (this is rare on the West Coast) – authentic setting

The -: cold water – isolation – no night life


Some more tips:

 Be careful not to leave anything in your car that could attract lust: “car break-ins” are not uncommon.

 Biodiversity is very rich off the coast, so do not hesitate to order fish at the restaurant! You can be sure of the quality.

 For waveriding enthusiasts, the waves are not far: there are notably the spots of Shelly Point to the north of Langebaan, and Yzerfontein to the south.