Where to kitesurf in November

Are you wondering where to kitesurf in November? Winter is on the corner and you don´t want to give up on your last kitesurfing trip before the cold freeze you, right? Then you are in the right place. Here you have a list of some of the best spots where to kitesurf in November!


Best spots where to kitesurf in November!

In November, direction Brazil

1. Go kitesurfing in Brazil in November.

Kitesurf spots: small waves, super-flat, many kitesurfing schools.
Brazil is THE kitesurfing destination to be in November: there are a considerable number of spots and there is something for everyone: wave, flat, schools …

Additional activities: horse riding, yoga, hiking in the Lençois.


2. Go kitesurfing in Japan in November.

Kitesurf spots: kitesurf school, lagoons, and waves
You will find on Miyakojima Island a kitesurfing school and various spots, as well as a friendly atmosphere. On Kume-Jima Island you will find a magnificent strip of sand several kilometres long. Finally in Ishigaki, you will ride in the huge turquoise lagoon with some locals.

Additional activities: hiking, diving, visits
Go hiking on the islands of Ishigaki and Kume-Jima. Dive with manta rays in Ishigaki. Explore these small islands: there is so much to see! Everything is a source of wonder in Japan!

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 2/3 of the time in November. Shorty or small full bodysuit. The water is 25 degrees.

3. Take a Kite road trip in Australia in November

Go kitesurfing in Western Australia in November.

Kitesurf spots: flat, wave, and Kitesurf schools.
This destination will offer you pretty solid flat water conditions in Safety Bay and Sandy Bay, a Kitesurf school area in Perth and Coronation, and great wave conditions in Coronation and Gnaraloo.

Additional activities: hiking, diving, and road trip!
Go hiking in the Cape Range National Park in the middle of kangaroos. Dive with sea lions and whale sharks. Go on a road trip in the country.

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 2/3 of the time in November. Wetsuit in the south, swimsuit in the north.

4. In November, head to Namibia!

Go kitesurfing in Namibia in November!

Kitesurf spots: lagoons, waves
Face the famous wave of Donkey Bay (Skeleton Coast), or go riding in the lagoon of Walvis Bay.
Check out the Lüderitz Speed ​​Canal, where world records are set!

Additional activities: safaris, walks and road trips!
Namibia is the best trip you can do in November. It’s not all about kitesurfing trip, but rather an opportunity to discover a wild and unspoiled country, and take the opportunity to do a little kiting nearby.

Sailing conditions: Very strong and gusty wind. 

where to kitesurf november
where to kitesurf november