Where to kitesurf in October

October is probably not the windiest month worldwide, however it is the perfect month to organize a kite trip away from the crowds. If you are one of these lucky ones who are able to kitesurf in October, then this article is for you 🙂 We propose 3 awesome kite spots where to kitesurf in October!


Best kite spots in October

1. In October, head to Namibia!


Namibia is one of the most prominent places for experienced kitesurfers and probably one of the best spots to kitesurf in October. In Walvis Bay you will find one of the best spots in the world , since there is a protected bay, with east winds side on where you can enjoy a fairly flat water ideal for freestyle

It is a semi-enclosed bay, with golden sand, where you will find nearby accommodation facilities, with hotels and campsites where you can stay. Be very careful with leaving the bay, since the dangers outside it are important, with the currents and with the sharks.

The winds here are thermal, and generally you can find over 25 knots in October

Enjoy kitesurfing in Namibia in October !!!

2. In October, go riding in Morocco!

Go kitesurfing in Morocco in October.

Kitesurf spots: flat, wave, and Kitesurf schools.
You will find flat water in Dakhla as well as plenty of kitesurfing schools. It’s a great place to start kitesurfing.
If you are more of a wave lover, head to Essaouira

Additional activities: surfing, walk around town, see camels and dunes.

Sailing conditions: You will have wind 70% of the time in October. Full suit or Shorty.

3. In october, let´s head to Peru

October is a good month to kitesurf in Peru. The place where kitesurfing is most practised in Peru is in the Paracas Bay, located at the southern end of the Pisco Bay, in the department of Ica (central-southern part of this country), and it is a magical and ideal place for the development of all sports involving the sea and the wind. Paracas is even one of the best settings for freestyle practice. El Playón and Zárate are two beaches in the reserve where you can kitesurf in October and which even have schools and establishments to rent the necessary equipment.

In northern Peru the ideal places depend on the time of year. Pacasmayo, in Trujillo (department of La Libertad), is a premium setting in the world. On the Tres Cruces and Lobitos beaches, the even and strong wind means that this sport can be practiced almost all year round, while El Golf in Talara (department of Pilura) has even winds with ‘beach break’ type waves. In Máncora (also in Talara) the best season for kitesurfing is from April to November thanks to winds that can reach 30 knots or more. Here there are two spots for kitesurfing: the traditional surf spot is for those who want to maneuver with the waves; and La Laguna, 2 kilometers from this point, which offers a beautiful landscape and is ideal for those who want to do jumps on a flat water surface.

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