Caribbean guide

The ultimate guide with the best kite spots in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean you will find the most exotic kitesurfing spots in the word. What is it about the Caribbean that makes everyone fall in love with kitesurfing?  Small islands, big islands, surrounded by virgin atolls, with white sandy beaches and bathed by turquoise or crystal clear water. In the Caribbean there are many exotic tropical islands that are capable of transporting us to the dreamed paradise where we can relax in the sun and enjoy the best of its natural environment. The thick vegetation and the biodiversity of the seabed where they are found have made them the perfect destination for those looking to lose themselves in nature or practice water sports such as scuba diving. Hundreds of colorful fish, dolphins, rays, turtles or mantas live in its sea. Furthermore, for those who has kitesurfing blood in the veins, the Caribbean is the perfect kitesurfing destination. Are you wondering where to kite in the Caribbean! There are so many islands and kitesurfing locations where to kite in the Caribbean that , oh my God! This article will take your breath away!

We have developed a ultimate guide with the top kitesurfing locations in the Caribbean. All this kite spots are also the most exotic kite spots on the planet!

Tobago, a very exotic Caribbean kitesurfing destination!

Tobago is one of the most exotic kitesurfing destinations in the Caribbean!. It offers idyllic and exceptional conditions to enjoy kitesurfing. Its beaches are extensive lagoons, with few people, flat water and few waves thanks to the reef that protects it.

The trade winds are constant and very consistent that blow for much of our winter. At low tide, its warm waters are flat and crystalline blue, perfect for practicing beginners and those who want to take freestyle maneuvers.

 The best spots to kite in this Caribbean destination are mainly: 

Pigeon Spot: This spot is one of the main and best known in Tobago. Protected by a coral reef, and being the best months to navigate from December to June, it creates one of the best conditions in the Caribbean Sea. The lagoon that forms the reef has crystal clear and shallow water, ideal for beginners and those who want to practice speed or freestyle. Also, off the reef and when the conditions are perfect, it becomes one of the best places to surf the waves.

To be able to enter the spot every day you have to pay as it is located in a protected natural park.

Buccoo Bay Spot: This spot is ideal for those who want to practice freeride or Freestyle where the wind is not too strong. The bay is flanked by a coral reef creating a calm sea with few waves. For those who enjoy the waves and have a high degree of experience they will be able to sail far from the shore.

The waters of this spot are shallow and flat, ideal for both beginners and advanced.

Mount Irvine Beach: This spot is one of the best for kitesurfing in Tobago. This beach is not overcrowded by kitesurfers, so there is ample space to navigate. In this spot, the waves break onshore on a northeast side of the bay.

Tobago Plantations Beach: This beach has a very consistent onshore side wind and moderate swell.

Tulum (Mexico)

 Tulum is very famous kitesurfing location in Mexico (Caribbean coast). The Tulum beaches offer excellent conditions for kitesurfing surrounded by incredible landscapes, here you can take several kitesurfing classes or courses at a kitesurfing school. The beach is considered the most beautiful in the entire Riviera Maya. Soft white sand. Without stones. Long, crowded beaches. The temperature ranges from 20 ° C to 28 ° C. It is a perfect spot to learn to deal with waves, practice your jumps and new tricks. The water temperature varies between 23 to 28 C.

 Dominant winds: NE, E, SE. Regarding the beach: onshore, side-onshore, sideshore. Wind force: 12 to 25 knots. It blows during the morning, noon, afternoon and until night. The best season is the months of January, February, March, April, May and December.

 There is some chopy inside on the reef, located about 600-800 meters from the shore. The waves break on the reef in the right conditions, but in most parts it is not deep.

Cabarete, the Caribbean IKO headquarters

Did you know that in the Caribbean you can find the International Kiteboarding Organization? Yes! You heard that! In a small village in Dominican Republic you fill find the IKO headquarters. Among all the Caribbean kite spots, Cabarete is probably the most famous.

And that´s simply because another great kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean is Cabarete. Cabarete is the capital of the Caribbean in terms of kitesurfing and windsurfing.

With constant winds throughout the year, hot water, nightlife and a lot of hotel offer, it is a great destination for kitesurfing holidays (even if you go with people who do not practice it).

In the morning there is not much wind, being ideal for beginners. In the afternoons it gains strength and is filled with kiters of all kinds (freeride, freestyle and even big waves at certain points).  The most popular and famous spot is Kite Beach, but there are others: Bozo Beach, Encuentro and La Boca.

The season with the best wind is from February to August, although in April and May it may weaken a little. From May to November it is the rainy season and hurricanes can occur. The tropical climate of the Caribbean maintains warm temperatures throughout the year, and wetsuits are not necessary at any time. Cabarete is your kitesurfing spot in the Caribbean if you want to be surrounded of good wind, good food and happy people!




Martinique is a unique place, a French island in the Caribbean with many varied and impressive landscapes from a tropical forest and a jungle volcano to the white sand beach with palm trees.

There are many kitesurfing spots in this Caribbean island. Most kitesurf spots are protected from the waves by the coral and are perfect for freestyle and strapless. But there is also a deeper lagoon perfect for foil and good waves near the reef for kite surfing. You can sail all year long in a short suit with warm water. Martinique has the trade winds from November to May and blows between 15 and 25 knots.

The main and best known spot is Vauclin, another top kite spot in the Caribbean! For many this is the best kite spot in the entire Caribbean because you can do freestyle in shallow water, foil, surf kite and freeride.

You have grass to ride, relaunch and take down the kite, so there is no sand. There are many local restaurants with a great atmosphere and good vibes. Furthermore, it is one of the only places where you can find a kitesurf shop, kite school and a rental house on AirFly.

You can find everything you need there and not only to practice kitesurfing. The people who work there are very friendly and helpful.


Bonaire, along with its small neighboring island of Klien Bonaire, is one of the three islands in the Caribbean Sea that forms the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), a perfect kitesurfing destination in the Caribbean. It is the least developed by tourism of the 3, which makes it a preserved and special site. Did you know that Bonaire is probably the most unspoiled kitesurfing spot in the Caribbean? This island offers stable weather throughout the year. It is a popular island also as a wind destination for the practice of Windsurf and Kitesurf. It is also a destination recognized worldwide for the spectacular quality of diving, which makes it an ideal destination for vacations that combine windsurfing or kitesurfing and diving.

 Actually Bonaire is one of the most beautiful islands where you can kitesurf in the Caribbean is located just 60 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It is a paradise for divers, experts and amateurs. All its coast is a Marine Park, scene of beautiful natural landscapes, with crystal clear turquoise waters, average temperature 27º C throughout the year, a colorful and abundant marine fauna, the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet and 86 diving spots, 60 of them accessible from the beach.

Bonaire is a world-class example of responsible tourism and development in harmony with the environment. The Washington Slagbaai National Park is one of its achievements, where the flamingos nest, an emblematic bird of the Island. Its motto is “Once Visiting, Friend Forever”.


Venezuela! Hold your breath before puping your kite!  YOU ARE IN A KITESURFING PARADISE

Isla de Coche, Venezuela

Another great kite spot in the Caribbean is located off the north coast of Venezuela. Coche Island enjoys many of the features that can be enjoyed in the Caribbean. The golden beaches on the west coast of the island are excellent for kitesurfing.

The beaches on this side of the coast enjoy regular offshore winds and calm waters that make it an excellent place to learn the sport, as well as offering a playground for more experienced kite surfers. Local kitesurf schools offer lessons for those who practice the sport. Although the best conditions are between November and May, the constant climate means that it is possible to practice kitesurfing all year round.

 Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Caribbean winds and sun throughout the year is the perfect combination to make this island an ideal spot. Many call it the “Kitesurfing paradise”: the morning wind is better for beginners and the afternoon conditions are perfect for intermediate or advanced riders.

South of Isla Margarita, about 15 minutes from the airport and about 30 minutes from the capital (Porlamar), is El Yaque beach, which offers the best wind conditions on the entire island. It is an old fishing village that in the last 2 decades has become a paradise first for windsurfing and then for kitesurfing.

 El Yaque is a beach of just 1Km of fine sand with palm trees continuously agitated by the wind, with a sea of flat water at 27º and a 400m sandbank where the water will reach your waist. These conditions, the size of the place that makes everything walk, the variety of restaurants and bars on the beach make El Yaque the ideal spot in the Caribbean. Isla Margarita = Best kitesurfing in the Caribbean!

 Our top pick kitesurfing spot in The Caribbean!

With its constant winds, spectacular islands and tropical climate, the Grenadines seem to have been created solely for the pleasures of sailing and kitesurfing. It is our number 1 top kitesurfing spot in the Caribbean! The Grenadines are found in the southernmost part of the Caribbean islands and are surrounded by reefs, crystal clear waters and palm-fringed beaches. The colors are spectacular and the locals warm and relaxed. One of the highlights of the trip is the Tobago Cays Marine Park. You can do superb kite sessions there and swim among turtles and rays in their natural environment. We favor routes that combine maximum exposure to the wind and ideal kitesurfing conditions.

Start your journey in the heart of the Grenadines archipelago or sail from a larger neighboring island! Once in the Grenadines, you will have the pleasure of visiting a different island each day and enjoying the many surrounding kitesurf spots. Each island has its charm and whatever the wind direction and conditions, the next kitesurfing spot is always less than an hour away.

The Grenadines offer the widest variety of kite spots in the Caribbean and have the best wind statistics. Certain spots will appeal more to experienced riders; others will please everyone. Whatever your style of skiing, you will find your account: from ultra flat lagoons to wave spots and downwinders from island to island.

 What are the best kitesurf spots in the Grenadines caribbean archipelago?

The best kitesurf spots in the Grenadines are Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Union Island Lagoon, Plam Island, Frégate and Morpion. 

When is the best time for a kitesurfing holiday in the Grenadines (Caribbean Sea)?

To guarantee you the best wind conditions in the Grenadines, we organize kitesurf cruises from November to July during the trade winds season. The strongest winds are from December to April; and the wind is most consistent in June.

During the dry season which runs from December to May: in the Grenadines, the air is around 28 ° C, and the water between 26 and 27 ° C. During the rainy season from June to November, the air is warmer, but also wetter (30 to 32 ° C), and the water fluctuates between 28 and 30 ° C.