The ultimate guide to kitesurf in Antigua


  In Antugua you can enjoy wind almost all the year round! Though the primary kitesurfing season goes from Janaury to April and June to September




 The wind direction on the east coast of the island, where the main kitesurfing spots are located, is usually side-on shore, which is perfect and very safe for all levels of kitesurfing. The annual average of the trade winds on the island is 15 knots although in the summer months it exceeds 20 knots and the water temperature is between 23ºC and 26ºC, which provides a very pleasant navigation.


There are several spots throughout the island but we highlight:

 Jabberwock Beach: it is without a doubt the most renowned spot for kitesurfing. White sand and perfectly aligned with the wind, which makes it an excellent spot to learn kitesurfing for its safety and to improve your level of navigation. Choppy conditions also occur when the wind blows harder. This beach is declared a National Park, so there are no constructions and the landscape is magnificent.

 Dutchman Bay: It is the neighboring beach of Jabberwock Beach and they are basically the same sailing conditions. It is, however, smaller. It is ideal for kiters who stay at the Dutchman Bay Cottages and who want to sail in front of the accommodation.

 Green Island: It is a small island in the bay of Nonsuch Bay that also offers one of the best areas to navigate. It is ideal for kiters who stay at the Nonsuch Bay Resort and who want to sail in front of the accommodation.

 Other spots are Half Moon Bay, Dickenson Bay, Turner´s Beach, Darkwood Beach and Pineapple Beach. Some of them are on the west coast and all the beaches are white sand and crystal blue waters.