The ultimate guide to kitesurf in Dakhla, Morocco



Have you heard of Dakhla? If you are a lover of water sports and you are looking for an incredible spot to do kitesurfing, surfing or windsurfing, surely they have already suggested you pack your bags for Africa and the Atlantic. This year, Dakhla is one of the favourite destinations for kiters from around the world, but why? What’s so special about it? Today, at Wiquot, we tell you why no one can resist Moroccan beaches and everything you can find in Dakhla: a kitesurfing paradise in Morocco.

Summer has arrived, and more and more riders when planning their vacations, ask us “are we going to sail safely in Dakhla?”

The truth is that, in the beginning, we had to talk to our team of experts, because this time the destinations of our kiters had gone a little further from the certified spots that we already know. Today we are leaving with you, we head to the lands of Western Sahara, to know Dakhla.

Dakhla is the perfect fusion between desert, water, culture and gastronomy.

Dakhla is a city in Western Sahara with about 85,000 inhabitants, also known as Villa Cisneros. If you want to place it on the map, you will find it in the narrow Río de Oro Peninsula, a 40 km “piece” of land. In length that runs parallel to the coast of Morocco.


kitesurfing in Dakhla

Kitesurfing in Dakhla, a top kiteboarding destination for  either flat waters lovers and waves lovers



Advantages: weather and wind
We already told you, kitesurfing is a matter of wind and safety, like many other water sports. Just in that Moroccan region, you will have two advantages: the weather is perfect, and the wind only subsides from November to February, making Dakhla an ideal place to practice sailing sports, both at a beginner level and at an expert level.

The trade winds blow throughout the year reliably and constantly: between 4 and 6 knots in winter and a force between 7 and 8 knots during the summer—nothing to do with the knots of the spots that we know of the Mediterranean.


Raising the kite in an area not suitable for kiteboarding can cost you up to € 6,000 fine!



For experts who want to improve their tricks. For those of you who are starting and looking for a quiet place, in addition to some basic safety tips that you shouldn’t forget, we recommend you take a car and visit the lagoon. About 30 minutes from the city you will find the Dakhla lagoon, with flat water, free of obstacles and where you will largely walk. Outside the lagoon, you will also have some speed spots where you can enjoy the waves.

They say that the White Dune is an authentic spectacle of colours and that when the tide rises, it transforms into an island paradise of fine white sand. You can not miss it. In it you can make a route of 20 km, yes, experts recommend always doing it with a small kite since the wind is increasing in this area.


Besides, those who have been in this protected natural reserve, a comment that the fusion of landscapes and gastronomy are impressive.

Disadvantages to solve
In addition to the fact that you will be travelling abroad, and you should reserve part of your budget to avoid last-minute surprises, such as losing sight of your luggage, missing a flight or a hotel reservation, remember that you will be travelling to a Moroccan management area in the one that the legislation and the security measures may not be the same as if you navigate in the national territory.



dakhla kitesurfing spots

Find out what are the most unique kite spots in Dakhla




The peninsula delimits a large lagoon, protected from the ocean. 28 km from the city by a paved road and later a track that leads directly to the lagoon and the camp in Dakhla where all kitesurfing or windsurfing riders will find one of the best places in the world. This place is a true paradise for those looking for wind, desert, lagoon, flat water and long days to navigate without stopping, just eat and continue.


Possibly one of the best spots in the world, where a world championship event is held.


The predominant wind is north-north / east and blows 20/35 knots from March to October with very favorable statistics and close to 100% in most months, the rest of the months it is usually at 16/20 knots.


Dakhla is a protected nature reserve that preserves all its power and splendor intact, infinite horizons, blue and fish-rich sea, hills of dunes that end in the water and spectacular sunsets.


The place is perfect for a sports, adventure or rest vacation. Dakhla offers the possibility of living a different adventure every day, at sea, desert excursions, camels, 4×4, dunes, etc.


At night you will enjoy the silence, the immensity of a tremendously starry sky, the infinite space and much more.


If you choose this spot we assure you that you will not regret it, in Dakhla you do not stop because the windfalls, you stop because your legs have a limit, come and experience it.



The flat water and the low and visible bottom make La Laguna the ideal spot for freestyle, tricks and jumps. You will be able to cross the lagoon from one side to the other, doing some memorable lengths. In the camp, there is a permanent rescue boat during the kite day. Perfect for any type of rider, who wants to learn, is into it or is an expert and just wants to have an incredible windy week.

Staying and sailing in the lagoon is also highly recommended for those who travel alone, as there is an international atmosphere and in the first hours you will meet more people who travel alone.



If you are looking for a wave spot, in Dakhla there are several wave spots. Staying in the lagoon you will have to request it, and so you can go, but remember that it has an extra cost of direct payment at the accommodation and it costs between € 15 and € 20 per person and day that you go.

If you don’t want to take your wave board, you can rent it at any of the camps we offer.


White Dune

You will not be able to miss a sail to the beautiful “White Dune” that enters directly into the sea and that when the tide is high, it becomes an island of fine white sand. Incredible downwind from the camp are offered from the camp. The distance traveled will be about 20 km. We recommend that you go out with a small kite because many times the wind is increasing and thus it will not go past a kite.


It is an optional activity with a cost of between € 15 and € 20 per person—direct payment at the camp.









If you have never tried to learn how to kite, you will like this spot very much, because you will learn in a very safe environment where the progression will be fast due to the characteristics of the place. There will always be a zodiac in the water to ensure that if you drift, it will rescue you and ensure your safety at all times.


Singles travelers.

If you travel alone, this spot offers you the possibility of meeting people from anywhere in the world who also travel alone and with whom you will quickly connect, as there is a very healthy and sporty environment. It is a great option if you travel unaccompanied and at your own pace.


Experienced riders.

If you already have a good kite level and want to progress quickly learning tricks, this spot ensures the most suitable environment, since you can risk everything you want as it is very easy to relaunch the kite or recover the board.



This spot offers something that is not easy to find in other spots in the world. There are no cars in the area or other people outside the camp, so if you travel with children, so the parents will feel very calm. If your children are old enough to learn or improve, you will make sure that they have a large area where they will stand and with that they can improve safety and with confidence.