A practical guide to Kitesurfing in Esposende


Have you ever heard of Esposende as one of the best kitesurfing spots in Portugal? If you still don’t know this incredible kitesurfing destination, you are in the right place.

Here you will find all the information you need for your future kitesurfing holidays in Esposende

Esposende is a city that has 14 km of coastline, which makes it a particularly privileged area with some of the best beaches in northern Portugal. Nearby towns such as Foz del Cávado, Apulia or Ofir provide a unique beauty to this environment and are all within the protected area of ​​the North Coast Natural Park.

Esposende is located 45 km from Porto, is accessible in 30 minutes by car, 362 km or 3 hours and a half from Lisbon and 606 km or about 5 hours and 41 minutes from Madrid or alternatively 1 hour and 40 minutes by plane and car

kite spots in Esposende


Esposende Kite spot

THE SPOT IS LOCATED in the Cávado river delta, within the North Litoral Natural Park and on its beaches you will find many other water sports enthusiasts. You will have a river with calm waters and little depth and on the opposite side to the sand barrier, as well as 1.5 km of sea with waves and lateral wind.


This place is normally empty or with few people since to get to the place it is necessary to cross by boat or walk about 2 km.
The largest traffic of people is represented by Kook Proof in his boat to take people to kitesurf, surf, paddle, or enjoy an almost exclusive beach because there are very few people.

There are no prohibitions during the summer, however hogging the entire river is prohibited at all times. It is necessary to leave a channel of 30 meters of passage for the boats that circulate during the day and it is also prohibited to kitesurf in the mouth of the river for reasons of maritime traffic.


Inside the river you have to take into account the current because if it goes in the same direction as the wind it is more difficult to upwind, especially because if you lose the board, it will go down very quickly with the current. But if it is upside down, it is possible to sail with almost no wind.

THE WIND is good from April to the end of September, which is the time of the “Nortadas”, which are formed by the wind that comes from the north and northwest, which also corresponds respectively to one side in the direction of the sea and the river .


 the ultimate guide to kitesurf in Esposende


THE MOST RECOMMENDED KITE SIZE IS 10 or 9m2 since the spot allows all kinds of rides. I have a 9 wave kite, a 10 freestyle kite, as well as a 10 race and hang time kite. With these 3 types of kites, you can enjoy all styles in one day if the conditions are right.

The currents in the river can be tricky if you are not used to it. However, with the boat trip, the rescue is also included and any of the members of our school will help you once on the spot.

The kitesurfing spot in Esposende in detail

Esposende is a town with 14 km of coastline. For this reason, it is a particularly privileged area, with some of the most beautiful beaches in northern Portugal. Thus, the neighboring villages such as Foz del Cávado, Apulia and Ofir offer a unique beauty to this environment.
They are all within the protected area of ​​the North Coast Natural Park. Despite the urbanisation, here you will find lush nature and plenty of kitesurfing spots.

The best kitesurfing spot is located in the delta of the Cávado River, in the North Coast Natural Park. The mouth is a great playground for kiting!
You will have on one side a river with calm and shallow waters and a formidable spit of sand, and 1.5 km of sea with waves and wind on the other.

The spot, despite its perfection for progression such as perfecting freestyle, remains surprisingly uncrowded, due to its location.
Indeed, to access the best kitesurfing spot in Esposende, you have to cross the estuary by boat. Or walk about 2km to get there. This mission makes the beach almost exclusive, with very few people in the end.
Therefore, it is the ideal place to learn away from the crowds of more accessible spots.


Attention, the kitesurf spot in Esposende is regulated. Therefore, we strongly recommend visitors to contact locals to be informed about tolerated and prohibited areas. A 30m channel must be permanently preserved for maritime traffic (and no, you do not have priority on the pretext that you have a sail). In addition, the mouth of the river is prohibited and reserved for boats circulating all day.

During your river sessions, you also have to take the current into account! When it is in the same direction as the wind, you will drift excessively fast.
On the other hand, reversed with the direction of the wind, this strong current will allow you to sail almost without wind!
Again, nothing beats local experience. So remember to plan your session intelligently by getting closer to the Esposende kitesurfing school before you leave.


Wind conditions in Esposende
The wind is good from April to the end of September, that is to say the period of the “Nortadas”, formed by the north and northwest wind. It is therefore oriented towards the sea (parallel to the shore) just like in the river.
Remember, however, that the water is always cold in Portugal, even in the height of summer. (The more chilly will still be in winter clothes). However, this period of summer temperatures is also the most pleasant to ride.