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The top 10 kitesurfing schools in Tarifa

Thinking of learning to kitesurf in Tarifa? Here’s exactly what you need to know about the local kite schools in town

Tarifa plays a starring role in the kiteboarding industry, having long been the home spot for the best riders in the world.

Thinking of learning to kitesurf? Baby, Tarifa is the heart of all the on-water action.

The little town has served as the world’s main kiteboarding hub for over a decade now and is still the most popular spot for kitesurfing in Europe. In this guide we present you on a silver platter some of the best kite schools in town

But before we dive into which are the best kitesurf schools in Tarifa, let us give you some tips. Because in Tarifa, either you end up learning to kitesurf, or you end up hating it

List with the best kite schools in Tarifa

Some tips to learn kitesurfing in Tarifa

Surely you have asked yourself this question:

Is it easy to learn kitesurfing in Tarifa?

Ok, we all know that Tarifa is not the destination with the best conditions to learn to kitesurf, but with the right school and the best conditions, you will learn to kite  safely.

In Tarifa, the Levante wind is very gusty and makes navigation difficult, especially for beginners like you. Sometimes it can go up more than 30-35 knots, when it is better to stop any lesson. In addition, it is a side off-shore wind that pushes you out to sea. But don’t worry, there are rescue boats that can rescue you at any time.

To learn kitesurfing in the safest way in Tarifa, we recommend that you choose a day with a Poniente wind, which is a more constant wind.

Another difficulty of learning kitesurfing in Tarifa is that there are always many kites in the air and it is full of kiters, espacillay during summer. Before contacting a local school, we recommend that you:

First, look at the wind forecast and choose a day with Poniente and second, try not to coincide with the months of July and August.

If, due to your personal or work situation, you have no other options, here below we will give you some advice on how to choose the right school in Tarifa, in order to be able to learn safely all year round.

How To Choose The Right Kitesurfing School in Tarifa


When it comes to learning how to kitesurf, choosing the right school is crucial. There are a few things you should take into consideration before making your decision. We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right kitesurfing school.

1. Decide what your goals are

The first step is to decide what your goals are. Are you looking to learn the basics of kitesurfing? Or are you looking to improve your skills and become an advanced kitesurfer? Knowing your goals will help you narrow down your search for the right kitesurfing school.

2. Do some research

Once you know what your goals are, it’s time to do some research. Start by asking around for recommendations from friends or family who have kitesurfed before. You can also check online forums and reviews to get an idea of which schools are popular and well-rated.

3. Consider your budget

Kitesurfing lessons can be expensive, so you’ll need to consider your budget when choosing a school. Some schools offer discounts for group lessons, so if you’re planning on taking lessons with a friend or family member, this could be a good option for you.

4. Ask about the instructors

When you’re narrowing down your choices of schools, be sure to ask about the instructors. Find out what their experience level is and whether they have any specializations.

You’ll want to feel comfortable with your instructor and know that they’re able to teach you the skills you need to learn.

5. Choose a location

Finally, you’ll need to choose a location for your kitesurfing lessons. If you live near the coast, there are likely several schools to choose from. But if you’re not near the ocean, you may have to travel to find a school that’s right for you.

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to find the perfect kitesurfing school for your needs. With the right school, you’ll be kitesurfing like a pro in no time.

The Top 10 Kitesurfing schools in Tarifa

Kitesurfing enthusiasts would always include Tarifa in their itinerary at some point in their activities. Most of the professional kiters come here every year to compete in the sport they excel at. Athletes from a variety of nations will be seen competing in the Tarifa sea. But you are not at that level yet, so here we recommend some schools that will make you a real kiter.

The best kite schools along the coast of Tarifa!

1.Kite Camp – OUR TOP PICK!

Kite Camp Tarifa is your one-stop shop for all of your kiteboarding needs and is situated in Tarifa. They have a fully equipped center and a team of knowledgeable instructors, all of whom are certified by FAV and IKO. They could indeed teach you how to kitesurf using the best techniques while you enjoy your stay in our wonderful housing, which itself is situated just 300 meters from the kite zone, and is only 3 kilometers from the town of Tarifa.
At Kite Camp Tarifa, you won’t have to go anywhere else to locate a place to stay or take lessons if you want to learn how to kitesurf. Its location in a natural park, immediately adjacent to the Los Lances beach, places it in a breathtakingly beautiful part of nature.
They have a broad selection of kitesurfing courses available to you, and the kind you take depends on the objectives you want to achieve and how long you want to remain.
Kite Camp Packages is the option for you if you want something more than a standard kite lesson that can provide you in terms of your kiteboarding education.
In addition to that, they provide rental alternatives for the necessary kite surfing equipment.

the ultimate guide with the best kite schools in Tarifa

2.Kite Passion Tarifa:

With more than ten years of expertise, the instructors at Kite Passion Tarifa are enthusiastic about passing on their love of kiteboarding to both young people and older people.

The school teaches everything that has to do with the ocean, including kitesurfing, surfing, stand up paddle, and wingfoil. They can be found at Tarifa, which is situated in Southern Andalusia. This region is known for having some of the finest windsurfing conditions in all of Europe.

3. Kite Obession:

This is an excellent location to develop your technique, speed, and pleasure in the sport since the school has a strong focus on having fun, has the newest and greatest apparatus, and even provides walkie-talkie instruction while you are out on the water.

kite obsession, 3rd best kite school in Tarifa

4.Kite Rebels:

Kite Rebels provides custom-made kitesurfing vacations throughout the whole year that may be tailored to any client’s spending limit and can accommodate parties of any size. Tarifa Max Kitesurfing is a hands-on owner-run school that has a staff of teachers that is both knowledgeable and committed to their craft.

Rebels kite school, number 4 in Tarifa

5.Dragon Tarifa:

In addition to providing top-notch kitesurfing instruction with the absolute finest equipment, Dragon Tarifa also offers lodging, lessons in Spanish, and excursions to Morocco. The fact that they also provide excellent surfing and windsurfing training makes them a one-stop shop for vacation needs.

Dragon Tarifa among the recommened kite schools in Tarifa

 6.Radikite Tarifa:

This school offers lessons on many types of kitesurfing, including freestyle, freeride, surf kite, and hydrofoil. Radikite Tarifa is located in Tarifa, Spain. It’s ideal for people of every experience level, from complete novices to seasoned veterans who wish to hone their skills or get a deeper understanding of regional idiosyncrasies. They have been teaching others how to kitesurf and sharing their enthusiasm for the sport for more than ten years now.

kite schools tarifa: Radikite


7.High Flyers:

It is a kitesurfing school that is owned by a family and provides limitless instruction that is geared toward getting students up and riding quickly. It’s hard to imagine a more reasonable deal than that one, what with everything being included in the price and a “no wind, no pay” assurance.

 8.Matos Tarifa:

Whether you are a novice or an experienced kite surfer, you will be led via radio from the minute you go on the water to the moment you reach your destination in the shortest amount of time possible. We supply you with high-quality gear from industry-leading companies like Duotone Kiteboarding and Ion Sports, so you can get the most out of your kitesurfing experience. Your development will be prioritized following the goals you have set for yourself, and we will do this by using an effective instructional strategy that is geared toward everyone.

9.The Max Kitesurf School:

This Kitesurf school is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry for its instructional methodology. You will acquire all of the skills required to become an expert kitesurfer from trained teachers who will teach you using the most cutting-edge techniques and the most recent equipment available. You will not just learn methods, but you will also discover the most exclusive sites in Tarifa, and they will teach you tips and tactics that only several other fortunate individuals are aware of.

the best kite schools in Tarifa

 10.Addict Kite School:

It is a kitesurfing school that is certified to operate in the region of Tarifa. Comprising of a team of licensed and dedicated kite instructors with many years of teaching experience across the globe, they will try their utmost to instruct you in kitesurfing with enthusiasm, tolerance, and a positive attitude while maintaining a safe environment for you to learn in. Every single one of the teachers is fluent in many languages and has credentials from the IKO.


Why Tarifa is ideal for kitesurfing sport?



Kitesurfing vacations are great for satisfying that want for independence and getting away from it all. Whether you freeride, freestyle, big air, foil, or wave, you need to adjust your technique to the conditions at each location. Kitesurfing will provide you with one-of-a-kind experiences via travel to exotic locations and unexpected run-ins with other riders, whether you’re riding in a tropical lagoon or one of the world’s most recognized waves.
Thanks to consistently strong winds in the area, kiteboarding schools in Tarifa attract a large number of students.

Kitesurfing may be practiced in a wide variety of circumstances at the region’s many different places, which are spread out around the area. You will ride alongside riders from all over the globe, whether you want to surf the flat outer waves made by the Levante or the side onshore swells delivered by the Poniente.