The ultimate guide to the top kite camps in Kalpitiya -Sri Lanka

Best kitesurfing camps and kite resorts in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka


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Kalpitiya is a town in Sri Lanka and has very quickly become a top tourist destination due to its amazing beaches. The Kalpitiya peninsula as a whole consists of around 14 islands which means a lot of beach sites for everyone. Besides the Kalpitiya beach, there are a lot of things to check in the area in the area such as kitesurfing, dolphin watching, or you can just chill in a cozy and comfortable resort!

But I personally believe that the best part about Kalpitiya is that it is among the top spots in the world for kitesurfing, and in Sri Lanka, it is the best place without any doubt! The strong winds in this area and a network of islands make it the perfect spot for kitesurfing enthusiasts (both new and experienced) to enjoy the extreme sport of kitesurfing or just to chill on the beaches!
Some of the other activities which are also famous in this area include water diving, snorkeling, and dolphin watching. But to experience all of this, you will need to spend some time in the Kalpitiya – That’s why we have listed some of the best kitesurfing resorts and kite camps in the Kalpitiya area so you can experience this coastal town and all the activities it has to offer in its fullest!


The top 5 list with the best kitesurfing resorts in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka


 1. Margarita kite camp – OUT TOP PICK!

First on our list is the Margarita kitesurfing camp. If you come to kitesurf, this kite resort has probably the best location in Kalpitiya. Located on the shores of the Kalpitiya lagoon, its unbeatable location allows you to jump into the water at any time.  This resort is very popular among kitesurfing enthusiasts and those who love any type of water sports. If you want to visit the Margarita, then the best time is from May to September and December to March, when the wind blows in Kalpitiya

With large, comfortable rooms facing the water , Margarita’s bungalows are safari – adventurous in style and have the best views of the lagoon.

In addition, the Margarita kite camp is the main IKO centre in Sri Lanka and they offer kitesurfing courses for all levels. 

This kite resort also has a chill-out bar with incredible views. You can´t miss the sunsets from Margarita’s terrace!

Amenities at Margarita kite camp

• Free parking and free internet

* Beach hut with complimentary coffee, water, tea

• Complimentary Bicycle to move around
• Morning yoga lessons 
• Private beach and balcony

2. Dolphin Beach Resort

This beach resort is just three hours away from the Colombo and 2 hours distance from the airport. The Dolphin Beach Resort is a perfect blend of stylish yet eco-friendly accommodation for those who want an unforgettable holiday in the Kalpitiya area. If you are a kitesurfing enthusiast or just want to watch the dolphins, you can’t go wrong with this beach resort.

Some of the best features of Dolphin Beach Resort are:

• Comfortable and spacious.
• All the tents are fully air-conditioned, which means that you get to enjoy the view of the sea without worrying about the heat!
• Bar Reef is nearby, which means that you can watch the dolphins and Whales whenever you want.
• For kite surfing, this beach resort is also the best place, and you can visit it anytime from April – to November for the best kitesurfing experience.
• Experience the amazing coral gardens!

Amenities at Dolphin Beach Resort:
• Beach and pool
• Free parking and free internet
• Kid and family-friendly activities
• Airport transportation
If you are looking for a quiet and family-friendly resort, then the best choice is Dolphin Beach Resort, without any doubt!


list with the 5 best kite resorts kalpitiya



3. Elements Beach & Nature Resort

The Elements Beach & Nature Resort is a grade ‘A’ guest house and is fully registered by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka as well. For family, this resort is the best place, and for those who have a love for kitesurfing, then you can’t go wrong with this resort!
For nature lovers, extreme water sports, or just for relaxing on the beach, you can get it all with the Elements Beach & nature resort. For kitesurfing, the best season to visit this resort is from May to September. And if you are more interested in diving and watching the Whales & dolphins, then you must visit from November to April.
On top of that, they also offer free kayaks, sup, bicycles, and Yoga for all!

Amenities at Elements Beach & Nature Resort:
• Free parking and free internet
• Dedicated pool with a view
• Bicycle rental and Yoga
• Dedicated resources for the kids such as books, DVDs, and so on.
• Private beach and balcony

The staff at this resort speaks English, French, Russian, German, and Italian, which means you will not have any communication problems as well!

Elements kitesurfing resort Kalpitiya



4. Valampuri Kite Resort

The Valampuri Kite Resort is massive and covers an area of around 10,000 square meters! According to the available information, they offer 16-room accommodations, so it is a good idea to get your room booked in advance before traveling to the Kalpitiya.
Some of the activities that you can do at the Valampuri Kite Resort include lagoon tours, wild-life safari, Dolphin watching, seafood restaurant, and kitesurfing! But I think the best part about this resort is that it is just a 20 minutes’ walk from the main town, which means you can get anything you want!

Amenities at Valampuri Kite Resort:
• Free high-speed internet!
• Pool and beach.
• Dedicated pool for the kids
• Free parking
• Bicycles are also available.
• Air conditioning and housekeeping

best kite resorts in kalpitiya - Valampuri


5. Wind Blend Kite Resort

Are you looking for a serene, calm, and authentic kite resort in the Kalpitiya area? Then you can’t go wrong with Wind Blend Kite Resort as it is located in an untouched and green village of the Kappalady. This resort is only a 15 minutes’ walk from the nearby kiteboarding lagoons (the best in the area), which is a very good thing for the kitesurfers!
The best part about this resort is the colorful flowers and the plan trees that surround this resort. Being surrounded by nature and access to the beach ensures that you get a relaxing and fun-filled vacation for yourself or your whole family!

Amenities at Wind Blend Kite Resort:
• High-speed internet (free)
• Free breakfast
• Activities for the family and kids
• Pet friendly
• Airport transportation

If you also plan to bring your pets on your visit to the Kalpitiya, then it is a good idea to book a pet-friendly resort such as the Wind Blend Kite Resort. And the best part is that they also have a lot of activities for the entire family and especially kids, which means that there will not even be a single dull moment!

Top 5 kite resorts in Kalpitiya