Kitesurfing in Bali

Bali, the most touristic island in Indonesia, Asia. In the south of the country, between the islands of West Java and Lombok in the east. popular destination for Europeans and Australians mainly. Ideal for holidays in the sun and surfing. But it can also be appreciated as a place for a kite trip, especially in a family sense.


General Data: For Kitesurfing in Bali, the windy months are few, the best are from June to September. Tourist boom season. The wind is usually not very sustained, around fifteen knots in the east (including Sanur) and 20 knots in the east (Canggu). They recommend using 9-meter kites as a minimum and the 12/10 and 14 are the most common. The possibility of kitesurfing on the reef is high for much of the time, some places with beautiful flat areas and crystal clear waters.

For Kitesurfing in Sanur, southeast of the island, the water surface is flat in the lagoon. We can venture the reef waves on the barrier, do the sport from Sanur beach or from Kite beach. There are endless shops, restaurants and sports schools if needed. In Canggu, on the other side of the island, to the south, on the west side, stronger winds. The waves are strong and large, only for the most trained and experienced.


Kitesurfing waiting for adventurers of the sport
Kitesurfing, called kiteboarding. It is making followers in all the places of the planet. It combines the speed of windsurfing, the tricks of wakeboarding and the beauty in the waves of skilled surfers. In Bali, this sport wave started in 1999. It is one of the most recognized and exciting high-adrenaline extreme sports.

There are web pages where you can find all kinds of information and news, such as wind statistics, where to ride, best places in Bali, shops, schools, boards and everything related to sports. In addition to being an incredible tourist destination with a lot to offer, spend a luxury kitesurfing vacation. There are beginner water areas with huge flat surfaces, wave spots for all other levels. Bali is a pleasant island, surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters with retreats from white sand beaches and beautiful boutique hotels that make the experience stop for a higher level of pleasure.